Dana White Delays Conor McGregor’s Return Even Further – ‘Hopefully This Year, There Is No Date’

February 9, 2024
2 weeks
Dana White Delays Conor McGregor's Return Even Further - 'Hopefully This Year, There Is No Date'

Dana White is hopeful that Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler will take place in the fall. 

McGregor has become frustrated ever since he announced his intention to fight in 2024. He has not fought since his defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021. This was accompanied by a broken leg. The Irishman made the announcement of his return on New Year’s Day. He stated he would face Chandler on June 29 at 185 pounds. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, a Happy New Year to you all. I’d like to announce the return date for myself, the Notorious Conor McGregor, for the greatest comeback of all time will take place in Las Vegas for International Fight Week on June 29. The opponent, Michael Chandler. And the weight, Mr. Chandler? 185 pounds (laughs),” McGregor said 

White responded immediately to dismiss those remarks, claiming the UFC would respond when it was official. McGregor followed that up by teasing a return at UFC 300. The UFC remained silent, causing McGregor to launch an outburst as he demanded a date. Now White has reacted to the news, saying he is optimistic that McGregor will fight by the end of the year. 

Dana White Delays Conor McGregor's Return Even Further - 'Hopefully This Year, There Is No Date'
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White On McGregor

“Eventually. Hopefully this year. There is no date. I’m hoping for the fall, (that we can) get it done in the fall,” Dana White said 

White did not provide any reasons over why the June 29 date was not going ahead, but with McGregor reportedly having one fight left on his UFC contract, White will be looking to maximize McGregor’s involvement.

Former MMA fighter Josh Thomson has accused White of exploiting McGregor and keeping him on the sidelines, with the suggestions the Irishman is only contracted for one more fight. McGregor has been linked with boxing bouts against Manny Pacquiao, which could only go ahead if the UFC endorsed it. But if McGregor was a free agent, he would no longer have those restrictions, making it more vital that White does what is best for the UFC. 

McGregor’s Future

“I think people are assuming that Conor is gonna come back and fight Michael Chandler. I don’t think we’re gonna see Conor this year. Yeah, I don’t think we’re gonna see Conor this year. Like Dana came out the other day and goes ‘Look, you know, when Conor’s ready, you know, we’ll see Conor fight

“I disagree with the fact that ‘When Conor’s ready, we’ll have a fight for him. I think that’s BS also, I think right now is what you’re seeing is you’re seeing a holdout by the UFC on his contract. He has one fight left, he doesn’t want- the UFC never wants their fighter to go away with one fight left on the contract,” Thomson stated

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