Conor Benn Signs Up For VADA Testing

January 7, 2024
3 months
Conor Benn Signs Up For VADA Testing

Conor Benn has signed up for VADA testing for his fight with Peter Dobson on February 3, 2024, in Las Vegas.

Benn is currently prevented from fighting in the UK following his two failed VADA tests for Clomiphene. This meant that his fight with Chris Eubank Jr. was called off. The boxer initially suggested that the samples may have been contaminated. Since then, Benn has denied doing any wrongdoing as he maintained his innocence.

Benn And VADA

UKAD suspended the boxer in April, and an investigation was launched. The National Anti-Doping Agency removed his suspension. Reports suggested that the defense was based on jurisdiction. UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control appealed it.

Benn was not allowed to box in the UK, but he could do so overseas. This meant Benn must go through a hearing withe board to clear his name. Benn then fought Rodolfo Orozco in Florida and won via a unanimous decision. Benn faces a tough road ahead, but the VADA testing is one step in the right direction.

“Vada welcomes Conor Benn and Peter Dobson to our program as they prepare for their February 3, 2024 bout in Las Vegas,” VADA said 

Despite this being the case, Benn still insists on clearing his name. The boxer has maintained that he has been cleared, but until the British Boxing Board of Control and UKAD have had their hearing with Benn, the boxer will not be allowed to fight in the UK. Benn has stated that he will do anything to prove his innocence.

Benn Reacts

“I’m willing to spend every last penny I have to fight my innocence, that’s how much this means to me. I know how hard it is to drag myself to the gym, fall out of love with boxing and still have to stay disciplined.

“I’ve been so demotivated for the past year-and-a-half. It wasn’t motivation that got me through, it was discipline and determination to do what’s right. I will continue to shout it from the rooftops for my innocence because I am,” Benn stated

The Chris Eubank Jr. fight is off and is unlikely to happen in the future. Benn failed to stop Orozco in a fight at 154 pounds, meaning that he is unlikely to do the same against Eubank. Eubank is known for having one of the best chins in boxing. His knockout loss to Liam Smith was a poor performance, but he bounced back to stop Smith in the rematch under his new trainer, Bomac.

Without that fight, Benn’s options are limited going forward. He has called out Devin Haney and Mario Barrios as two opponents at welterweight. But without a belt under his disposal, Benn has no leverage in any negotiations with the big names. Until he comes through his legal problems, Benn will have to deal with being matched up with lesser-quality opponents. And there is not getting away from that.

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