Chandler Reveals The McGregor Bout Is ‘Happening This Summer’

March 23, 2024
3 months
Chandler Says McGregor Fight Is 'Happening This Summer'

Michael Chandler has revealed that there is an agreement in place to take on Conor McGregor

Chandler’s comments are the latest developments in the saga that has dominated the narrative over McGregor’s return. The Notorious has not been in the Octagon since he lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. That was in 2021, as McGregor suffered a broken leg. The loss was McGregor’s third loss in his last four UFC bouts.

He had been teasing a comeback for some time. On New Year’s Day, he announced that he was fighting Chandler on June 29. Dana White did not endorse those comments. Instead, the CEO of the UFC questioned whether McGregor was ready to return. He wanted to see the Irishman have a full training camp. He also blamed McGregor’s activities outside of the UFC for his delay. This included promoting his movie ‘Road House.’ But McGregor stated that he had received the green light for a return in the summer. 

McGregor Reacts

“We got confirmation a few days ago that it’s all systems go. And ‘The Mac’, ‘The Notorious’ will be returning to the UFC Octagon this summer. I had [my training] camp in Dubai [months ago], I had a camp in Cannes. I was preparing, and then I was kind of getting nothing back. And then other things came up and I kind of dipped out. But now, it’s on. So, there’s no messing now. I cannot dip out now,” McGregor said

Chandler has equally been inactive. His last performance was also a loss to Dustin Poirier at the back end of 2022. Chandler has patiently waited for the fight since they crossed paths on the TUF 31 series. Chandler won the team battle, getting more wins than McGregor.

But when it came to the coach’s challenge, McGregor came out victorious. There has been suggestions that Chandler is harming his career by waiting extensively over the McGregor fight. It resulted in mass frustration, as he called out McGregor on Monday’s WWE Raw. Now, he has supported McGregor’s comments, stating a fight is on.

Chandler Reacts

“I’ve got the official announcement. It’s happening this summer. I can’t tell you the actual date, but it’s happening this summer, yes. Me vs. Conor. Obviously, this has been a year in the making. We did The Ultimate Fighter, he’s been off obviously doing the Road House movie and all his other aspirations and accolades outside of the cage, so here we are, this summer, I’m ready. The official status is we have an agreement. We are fighting this summer. We’ll let the court of public opinion speculate on what the date is, but it’s definitely this summer. We’re giving you a window that we’re going to be fighting in. But yeah, it’s always been Conor and I,” Chandler said

The UFC has not made any announcement to confirm this, leaving MMA fans waiting to know whether they will ever see McGregor vs Chandler.


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