Will John Fury Join BKFC?

June 8, 2024
2 weeks
Will John Fury Join BKFC?

Danny Christie is against the idea of John Fury taking part in BKFC. 

Christie has come a long way since exchanging stories at Fury’s home about their time in combat sports. Christie has had to overcome problems with addiction and a stabbing incident, showing how much fortitude he has. He has now worked his way up to feature on the BKFC Prospect Series: Newcastle event, which will take place on  June 8.

John Fury has regularly called out various fighters, such as Jake Paul and Carl Froch. He has even gone on to challenge people to a bareknuckle bout. And yet, Fury has remained silent as Joe Egan continues to call him out. While John’s son, Tyson Fury, is the former Unified Heavyweight Champion of the World, John’s career was far from impressive. He ended his boxing career with an 8-4-1 record. He was knocked out in his last two fights. Christie could not see John doing bareknuckle. 

Christie On Fury

“Personally, I can’t see it. I think it would be good for the public, but I don’t see it. I’ve got a lot of respect for John. He’s been nothing but kind and courteous towards me. He’s had me in his house many times, and he’s had me sparring with his son. John’s also let me in his gym. I’ve just got a lot of time and respect for him, and he’s done me a lot of favours. Big up, John Fury,” Christie said 

While Fury may not enter bareknuckle, Christie has plenty of ambitions. He singled out Mike Perry as one inspiration. Perry has reinvented himself since leaving the UFC in 2021. He lost four of his last five fights before making the switch. However, he has reinvented himself to become the biggest name in the sport. His record stands at 5-0, as he stopped Thiago Alves in his last fight via a first-round stoppage.

Christie’s Aim

Perry’s career has shown that he can bounce back from adversity. Perry’s upbringing was also quite tough. He recalled moving around to various schools as he suffered extensive bullying. However, he would fight back, often getting into fights. Perry then found himself in a bad place, getting involved in drugs, house arrests and then jail. Once he got released from jail for burglary, he joined a UFC gym in Winter Springs, Florida. Since then, he has never looked back. Christie admitted his admiration for Perry. 

“I’ve got so many bare-knuckle heroes in this game. Mike Perry. does what Mike Perry does. He brings a lot of eyes to the BKFC. He’s obviously a superstar, but it goes above and beyond Mike Perry. Everyone who competes in BKFC gets my respect. I’ve had many fights on the street and many glove fights. However, nothing compares to bare-knuckle.

“There’s no animal like it. I think faith is something we have to find ourselves. It’s a bit like wisdom. It can’t be taught. Trying to teach a kid about the power of faith can fall on deaf ears. It’s something that you have to feel yourself. God’s in my heart. I’ve had God in my life long before I ever knew that I had God in my life. I’ve been protected from a higher power since the day I was born,” Christie added 


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