Tyson Fury Warns Usyk With His Incredible New Physique

February 19, 2024
5 months
Tyson Fury Warns Usyk With His Incredible New Physique

Tyson Fury looked in menacing form, giving boxing fans a glimpse of his training regiment.

The Gypsy King is preparing for the biggest fight of his life when he takes on Oleksandr Usyk in the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the world. Fury pulled out his fight with the Ukrainian, scheduled for February 17. The WBC Heavyweight Champion suffered a cut over his right eye in sparring, which required heavy stitching.

This was the second time Fury withdrew, the first of which occurred after the Francis Ngannou bout since the fight was initially meant for December 23, 2023. That has created the perception that Fury is not the same fighter that made him the WBC Champion.

Fury’s Training

But the Gypsy King shut that narrative down as he looked prepared for a well-primed Usyk come May 18. The following footage shows Fury looking much like a leaner as he works his way through slamming balls and training drills. Although Fury looks in good condition, there are still worries Fury could pull out. But the President of the WBC, Mauricio Sulaiman, has reassured fans Fury will fight.

“It’s boxing. It happens, and I’m sure it’s going to be an even bigger fight now. The frustration they both have to endure, so much sacrifice, so much patience, so much work put in, and then one cut and everything is delayed. “But they’re back in the gym. I spoke to Tyson a couple of days ago. “He’s fine, he’s ready to continue and it’s going to be one of the best events in the history of boxing on May 18,” Sulaiman said 

Usyk’s Alternative

Nevertheless, Usyk’s team have made plans in case Fury withdraws from the fight. Usyk’s sporting director, Sergey Lapin, has lined up Filip Hrgovic as an alternative. The Croatian is the IBF Heavyweight Interim Champion, making him mandatory for the winner of Fury-Usyk. Hrgovic is undefeated and a huge heavyweight, making him a credible alternative for Fury.

Hrgovic has already stated that he intends to take his world title shot rather than taking step-aside money, making it a likely bout. Lapin has confirmed those plans, even if it would not be for the undisputed title, given the absence of Fury’s WBC belt. This would change if the WBC were to strip the Gypsy King of his belt.

“I hope Usyk gets the chance to settle the score with Fury on May 18th, but if he continues to run away, we have a provision in the agreement to replace Fury with Filip Hrgovic. Hrgovic is the backup opponent, so the show will go on regardless of whether he fights, as confirmed by His Excellency Turki Al-Ash-Sheikh,” – Lapin stated 

Fury is now under further pressure to go through with the fight, especially since the fighter withdrawing will have to pay a $10 million fine. Based on the current perception towards Fury, he cannot afford any further pullouts from the fight.

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