Suriyanlek Por Yenying Demonstrates Maturity with ONE Friday Night Fights 60

April 28, 2024
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Suriyanlek Por Yenying was previously known as a knockout-or-bust type of fighter during his time in ONE Championship. If the Muay Thai specialist couldn’t knock his opponent out, his style didn’t seem to impress the judges too much. Online boxing news shows that Suriyanlek’s luck finally turned around at ONE Friday Night Fights at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

During a 132-pound catchweight fight, Suriyanlek scored two knockdowns against Rittidet Sor Sommai and picked up his first decision victory since joining ONE. Suriyanlek’s previous five wins in the promotion all ended by KO or TKO. 

Rittidet attempted to neutralize Suriyanlek with heavy kicks to keep the distance. Once Suriyanlek was able to figure out a way to avoid the kicks, he started to inflict damage. In the second round, Suriyanlek utilized his strong punches to put Rittidet on the floor. 

Both men engaged in a few wild exchanges in the third round. While Suriyanlek could knock Rittidet down again, neither man could secure an early stoppage for the fight. Suriyanlek improved to 80-27 on the year with the win.

Focus Leaves No Doubt

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Comeback TK Yutthana wanted no more punishment. Immediately after taking a body kick from Focus Adsanpatong during the first round of a 130-pound catchweight affair, Comeback grabbed his side and slumped to the canvas. Taking a kick to the liver had shut down his ability and desire to fight anymore.

Focus, a 19-year-old Thai fighter, and his opponent were in the same position. They were making their ONE debut and wanted to show the fanbase that they could score big knockouts. Comeback was on his back foot from the outset.

Focus landed a stiff hook that rattled Comeback. While Comeback attempted to close the distance and fight from the pocket, he found it difficult to gain much territory. Focus landed the kick with 1:33 left in the first round to secure his first win in the promotion.

Keeping Cool Head Helps Songfangkhong

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Songfangkhong FA Group didn’t feel the need to win his fight against Khunponnoi Sor Sommai in the first minute. Instead, Songfangkhong put together a strategy focused on building up an accumulation of damage on Khunponnoi.

Khunponnoi came out of the gate quickly. He attempted to wear away at Songfangkhong’s durability by launching several left kicks into his body. When Khunponnoi attempted to keep the pressure up in the second round, Songfangkhong found his opening.

World boxing news shows that Songfangkhong knocked his opponent down with a crushing right hand. When Khunponnoi returned, Songfangkhong stung him again with another extended combination that forced the official to stop the fight.

Kaoklai Chor Hapayak Turns in Efficient Performance

Don’t blink when Kaoklai Chor Hapayak enters the ring. Kaoklai isn’t looking to impress any judges and win on points. He is a fighter who wants to push the pace on his opponents and get his hand raised sooner rather than later.

Kaoklai, 25, battled past his height disadvantage to win over Suwatlek Tded99 during a strawweight fight. To counter his physical disadvantage, Kaoklai tried to fight from the pocket. By keeping pressure on Suwatlek, he hoped to pick up a quick win.

Kaoklai’s plan started to work as he had hoped it would. Kaoklai scored a knockdown two minutes into the fight when he landed a stiff right hand.  Suwatlek was able to get back to his feet, but he may have been better off just playing dead instead. When Suwatlek returned to his feet, Kaoklai connected on several more combinations that ended the fight at the 2:45 mark of Round 1.

Yodnumchai Fairtex Does Solid Work

The latest trending boxing news shows that Yodnumchai Fairtext had a good night during his atomweight Muay Thai fight. Before Mahesuan Aekmuangon even knew where he was, Yodnumchai caught him with a short elbow that dropped him early in the fight.

Mahesuan regained his senses, but Yodnumchai ensured he didn’t find more success in the fight. Yodnumchai would end up cornering Mahesuan shortly after landing the elbow. With his opponents on the ropes, Yodnumchai pressed forward and landed a two-punch flurry that sent Mahesuan to the canvas for good.

Detphupa Puts Together Strong Performance

It was a night of first-round finishes. Detphupa CotBangsaen didn’t want to miss out on the party. Detphupa ensured his 113-pound catchweight fight with Sangsakda BoyTarchang was difficult for his opponent. Detphupa was efficient at mixing up his punches and kicks.

A straight right dropped Detphupa at the beginning of the fight. Sangsakda attempted to keep up by being tactical with his kicks but didn’t have the pop to keep Detphupa off him. Ultimately, it would be a left hook from Detphupa that would secure the knockout win for him at the 2:09 mark in the first round.

Kaito Oda Tooks Cooper Royal’s Zero

Japanese fighter Kaito Oda wanted to let Australian Coopar “Rush” Royal know what it was like to leave the regional scene and head to the world stage. Oda utilized his strong grappling to welcome Rush to ONE Championship. Rush had no answer for Oda’s wrestling onslaught.

While the previously undefeated Australian attempted a desperation guillotine submission in the third round, he could not secure it. Oda improved to 4-1 in his career with the decision victory.

Here’s a look at the rest of the fights on the card not mentioned above:

  • Muay Thai (140 pounds), Suakim Sor Jor Thongprajin win by KO over Deniz Demirkapu, Round 2 1:22
  • Muay Thai (132 pounds), Eisaku Ogasawara win by majority decision over Sornsueknoi FA Group
  • Muay Thai (130 pounds), Panmongkol CMA Academy win by KO over Thomas Van Nijnatten, Round 1 1:50
  • Muay Thai atomweight, Junior Fairtext win by unanimous decision over Masami Machida
  • Strawweight submission grappling, Liisi Vaht win by armbar submission over Natsuki Takamoto, Round 1 1:38

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By Dean McHugh.