PFL Aiming To Create A ‘Champions League Of MMA,’ Says Peter Murray

November 15, 2023
4 months

Peter Murray, who happens to be the CEO of the PFL, has revealed the organisation’s plans on making a ‘Champions League of MMA’ moving forward.

The PFL’s inception since 2018 has been summed up by several big moves that have made it a legitimate rival to the UFC. That has been shown through the organization’s signings from both the boxing and MMA world.

Jake Paul, Claressa Shields, Amanda Serrano and Francis Ngannou are just some of the big names that have affiliated themselves with the PFL.

That has been followed up by the recent investment of over $100 million from the Saudi Investment Public Fund via SRJ Sports Investments. With that being said, Murray outlined the ambitions plans moving forward.

PFL’s Goals

“Our global expansion is well underway. We’ll have six regional leagues up and running between now and 2026. We already have PFL Europe, successfully. Its inaugural season is underway. Our last event in Paris just three weeks ago was the most viewed MMA event on television in France’s history.

“That (another regional league) is PFL MENA, in partnership with SRJ, our strategic partner on a global and regional basis. (We’re) very excited about the build. Then towards 2025, we will launch PFL Australia and PFL Africa … And then in 2026, we will launch PFL Brazil and PFL Asia. We are in late-stage finalization of strategic partnerships, both in Australia and Africa. What I’m telling you is not an aspiration; it is a global strategy that we are in the process of executing and building,” Murray stated

And by the looks of it, some of the plans are already underway. The PFL will reportedly have 34 shows next year, which will increase with the aim of getting 50 events over the next three years.

That has been accompanied by the first two ever Saudi fighter by the names of Abdullah Al-Qahtani and Mostafa Rashed Neda, who have joined the PFL.

The aim has been to grow MMA via the grassroots in Saudi in order to bring through the next generation of stars. The following comments confirmed as much.

Next Steps

“It’s part of our vision and strategy. So (the) PFL MENA roster that we will announce (for) 2024 will have the best fighters from the Middle East, including Saudi fighters competing in our regular season playoff and championship format. We’ll also have women fighters on every card and (will be) developing women in the sport throughout the region, in the Middle East.

“We have a very specific strategy to sign and develop some of the best fighters who are Saudi-based. We have a couple of great examples (at) the level of talent that exists within Saudi and the prospects for future champions within the PFL MENA league, as well as a pathway for Saudi fighters to become global champions. So that’s part of the overall strategy. (It’s) a Middle Eastern league. We’ll have the best of the best,” Murray

Clearly, the PFL has huge plans moving forward. So the question is can it deliver. Time will tell? Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingblitz.