Ngannou Blames The UFC For Not Making The Jon Jones Fight, Ngannou Gets WBC Ranking

November 17, 2023
4 months

In today’s boxing and MMA news, Francis Ngannou has blamed the UFC for the failure to make a fight between him and Jon Jones

The two fighters currently fight under separate MMA organizations with Ngannou recently signing a PFL deal, while Jones is under the UFC banner.

The former left the UFC after contract talks broke down on the basis that the MMA fighter was not happy with the contract on the table.

Ngannou alleged that his reported $8 million offer would have prevented him from being an independent contractor, thus limiting his freedom.

Following his departure from the UFC, Dana White ruled out ever working with Ngannou again. The latter has since then seen his stock rise following his impressive showing against Tyson Fury on his boxing debut.

That had rekindled hopes of a fight with Jones once again, given that Ngannou is expected to make his MMA debut with the PFL next year.

And yet, White ruled out a cross promotion after he indicated that he did everything in his power to make the fight happen. And now Ngannou has had his say on the matter. 

Ngannou On The UFC

“I was asking for this fight after I fought Jairzinho Rozenstruik. I was pushing so hard for Jon Jones because I knew the UFC was going to make [Daniel Cormier] and Stipe [Miocic] 3, the trilogy of Stipe and DC. So I wanted the Jon Jones fight and they never brought that conversation up. I think we both were asking for it. My reason [it didn’t happen] is the UFC. The UFC’s responsible for this fight [not happening]. I think that fight should happen and I’ve been [asking] for this fight. I think I can go back to the PFL and talk about this and make this fight happen,” Ngannou said

Despite that being the case, Ngannou has managed to justify his decision to forge his own path. The MMA fighter recently confirmed that he had made the highest purse of his career with the Fury fight, surpassing anything that he made during his time with the UFC.

And that has naturally been a source of relief, given that he was visibly unhappy with the terms of the UFC deal that was being offered.

In addition, since the PFL deals allows Ngannou to box and engage in MMA fights, the fighter has a great deal of flexibility which has aided his ventures moving forward. 

Ngannou’s Purse

“Whatever would’ve been my next fight from the moment I left the UFC, was going to be way different from what I made. In the last three years in the UFC, I was in the contract issue, I didn’t want to sign a new contract that would have given more money. But, not enough… It’s more than everything I’ve earned in my life, in my career. Even my next MMA fight would’ve been more [than everything I’ve earned already]. You also have to understand, I wasn’t getting much pay. Your salary starts very low, 10 + 10 and all that stuff. Moving your way up, you get to the point with almost ten fights, still struggling,” Ngannou stated

With that being said, the decision has paid off. Ngannou has been ranked by the WBC, which will do wonders for the fights he can secure moving forward.

Although there is an argument that the ranking should not happen after one fight, the former UFC champion ultimately lasted with one of the best heavyweights around. And there is no denying that.

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