Mike Tyson Picks Tyson Fury To Beat Oleksandr Usyk

November 20, 2023
5 months
Mike Tyson Picks Tyson Fury To Beat Oleksandr Usyk

Mike Tyson has given his take on Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk

The two fighters will face off for the biggest fight in boxing on February 17th, 2024, which will see the first undisputed heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield in 1999. Tyson is well aware of what it takes to reach the summit of boxing, having already become undisputed himself when he secured a unanimous-decision win over Tony Tucker in 1987.

In addition, Tyson was recently in the corner for Francis Ngannou’s fight against the Gypsy King, where the former UFC heavyweight champion put on a remarkable performance. Ngannou dropped Fury in round three, and could have, on another day come out victorious after losing a split decision. And that was partly due to Tyson’s influence. That is is why the former boxer was in a good position to give his take on the Usyk fight. In response, Tyson backed Fury to come out on top. 

Tyson Picks Fury

“I look forward to that fight [between Fury and Usyk]. That is going to be an interesting fight. I’m going towards Tyson Fury because I think he’s just going to overpower him. He’s going to catch up with him and overpower him. I got to go with Fury. I think he’s the best fighter in the world, especially in the heavyweight division. Great fighters lose, great fighters look bad, [but] that doesn’t stop them from being great fighters,” Tyson said 

Nevertheless, that was not the opinion of Fabio Wardley. The British heavyweight has had the chance of sparring both fighters. When it came to discussing which fighter was harder to hit, Wardley picked Fury. That was understandable since Fury’s height and reach does allow the Gypsy King to control the distance a lot easier. But when it came to who hits harder, Wardley picked Usyk. That may have come as a surprise since the Ukrainian is not known for having the strongest punch. And yet, with very little to choose between them, Wardley picked Usyk to shade it. 

Wardley Picks Usyk

“I think for each of them, when you know that the fight means a lot more, when you know the opponent is of a different grade, it makes you train different, it makes you work for it differently, especially coming off both of those performances as well, both have something to prove.

“In terms of who wins, I’ve always edged towards Usyk, I always have. It’s probably an interesting one for people but I always have, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think Fury can win because I wholeheartedly do. I just think that somehow, someway, it’s very hard to bet against Usyk, he always seems to just be crafty enough and do whatever needs to be done to beat the opponent in front of him,” Wardley stated

Come fight night, one boxer will come out as undisputed champion while the other will have the first loss of his career. And there is no getting away from that. 

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