Gervonta Davis Claims He Is Better Than Mike Tyson – ‘I Got The Whole Package’

November 15, 2023
3 months

In some boxing news, Gervonta Davis talked up his boxing skills by going so far as to state that his skills exceed that of Mike Tyson.

The similarities between Davis and Tyson are there for all to see. Both fighters have a small stature and are known for pressing the action while having devastating knockout power.

Although that may be the case, when it comes to an accomplishments, Tyson has exceeded Davis where it matters most. The former boxer became the undisputed champion in 1987 with a victory over Tony Tucker via a unanimous decision.

As for Davis, the lightweight may be a three-division champion but the boxer has been accused of swerving the biggest names out there. And yet, when it came to talent alone, Davis viewed himself as a far superior boxer.

Davis On Tyson

“I think I’m a boxer-puncher. He [Mike Tyson] was a brawler. I Got The Whole Package. Mike Tyson has got power and skills, I feel as though I have the whole package. Mike Tyson don’t have,” Davis

Nevertheless, such comparisons have be taken with a pinch of salt. Both fighters ultimately competed at a different weight class, while Tyson himself has viewed Isaac Cruz as the current boxer who possess a similar style.

“If I had to say someone, I would say Isaac Cruz. He’s short and stubby for his weight like I was, and he comes at you. Cruz reminds me the most of who I was. He comes at you with bad intentions,” Tyson said

But given that Davis had beaten the Mexican in 2021 via a unanimous decision, there naturally may be comparisons between Davis and Tyson.

But in reality, Davis’ future moving forward remains uncertain. Following the boxer’s release from jail for violating the terms of his house arrest, Tank’s next fight is unclear.

The boxer has been linked with facing Cruz once again, while a fight with Ryan Garcia has also been teased. The latter expressed his desire to have a re-run after being stopped by Davis in the seventh round.

Garcia talked up the rematch by outlining why the outcome would be different this time around. And the 140-pounder focused on the ten-pound rehydration clause as being a key factor in his loss.

Davis On Garcia

“I thought it was going to be good. It’s not the fact that I didn’t have any water. My body felt chronically dehydrated. I was like, ‘Wow, what do I do here?’ I just felt weak, I didn’t feel there at all. That’s not a knock…One of my goals after tasting my first loss is running that back.

“I feel like under different circumstances, I’ll be able to perform much better, and much better and more alert the next go-round. Again, I’m going to build this up crazy, and I’m going to build up that hype again, and then we’re going to run it back. We have to run it back. That’s what I want to run in the future, but I’ve got to stay focused. I can’t get too excited, and that’s it,” Garcia

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