Jake Paul Wants Mike Perry In MMA – ‘I’ll Be Very Dangerous’

July 11, 2024
2 weeks
Jake Paul Wants Mike Perry In MMA - 'I’ll Be Very Dangerous'

Jake Paul wants to make his PFL debut against Mike Perry as he prepares to face him in their boxing fight. 

Paul takes on the undefeated BKFC fighter on July 20. The Problem Child was meant to face Mike Tyson on that date. However, Tyson pulled out following an inflamed ulcer, and the fight was rescheduled for November 15. Jake has the better boxing experience. He is currently 9-1 with knockouts to his name. His only loss came against Tommy Fury in a split decision loss when he took on his first pro boxer.

Since then, he has won three fights on the bounce. Wins against Nate Diaz, Andre August, and Ryan Bourland are the perfect response to those losses. The victories against August and Bourland were also against pro boxers. After the Diaz win, Paul offered Nate $10 million to make a PFL fight. PFL Chairman Donn Davis was willing to extend that to $15 million. Diaz did not take up that offer, but Paul hopes Perry will after they square off in the boxing ring. 

Paul Reacts

“I’m down, when I beat Mike Perry in boxing, [let’s do] it. We can run it in MMA. I want an MMA fight, I mean, the [PFL] smart cage is literally right there. Once I start in MMA, my wrestling background is going to come out, and I think I’ll be a very dangerous MMA fighter as well. So, Mike Perry can get it, my hands are trisexual,” Paul said

Perry hit back by asking Paul to do bareknuckle. Perry is 5-0 since his time in BKFC. He reinvented himself after leaving the UFC in 2021. Perry lost four out of his last five UFC fights, suggesting that he may no longer be able to compete at the top level in combat sports. But the rise of his form in the BFKC has landed him a lucrative fight. Perry hopes to go one better by facing Paul in bareknuckle. 

“Cap! Why not bare-knuckle? Why not box bare-knuckle? I’ll take your back, jiu-jitsu is not something that just, wrestling and jiu-jitsu that’s not something you just keep in your back pocket,” Perry stated

Nevertheless, Paul must decide what his motivation is moving forward. Fights with Perry and Tyson will no doubt earn him mega paydays. However, he also risks harming his career. Any losses against that opponent will hamper his aspiration of being a world champion.

Paul’s Aims

If Paul cannot beat non-pro boxers and retired pro boxers, he cannot expect to command a fight with Canelo Alvarez. Paul has mentioned the Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion on numerous occasions. Alvarez dismissed the possibility of a fight but did not rule it out in the future. Dana White expects that fight to happen, but Paul must continue winning.

“It would be a 30-second payday for Canelo. I don’t know why Canelo wouldn’t do it. Canelo can fight real guys, keep his credibility intact, and still make that kind of money. Jake needs these guys. Jake needs Tyson and all these other people because everybody is going to tune in to hope that Mike Tyson knocks him out.

“They’re not tuning in because they think Jake Paul is a great fighter and want to see him compete. People talk [rubbish] and say whatever they want to say, but look at Canelo, he’s still the man. He jumps in there, and he does it. It’s hard to stay at that level for a very long time. Canelo is another guy who clips $40 million a fight, something like that, including what he’s making outside of the ring. A very unique few can do it,” White said


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