Howard Davis Gets Back to Win Column at BKFC Fight Night Miami

March 19, 2024
2 months

Howard Davis made it clear after his win last Saturday in Miami that he wasn’t satisfied yet. Fighting in his native Florida helped Davis feel comfortable and let opponent Sean Wilson know he was in for a rough night. Davis picked up a second-round knockout over Wilson at the Vivo! Dolphin Mall in Miami.

It was a much-needed win for Davis, who improved to 6-2-1 in the BKFC. During Davis’ last fight, he lost a narrow division to Kai Stewart in a featherweight championship fight. But after the fight, Davis wasn’t shy about who he wanted to fight next. Nor was Davis shy about how he wanted to handle his business.

Davis said he wanted to fight James Brown and had a colorful way of describing how he would beat him. Brown is 3-0 in the BKFC. 

“I’m going to put a belt to his ass like he’s my son,” Davis said. “When we fight, I’m putting belt to ass.”

Davis is a fighter who will likely get several more opportunities at high-profile fights. Davis has shown he can be competitive in two weight classes. He is ranked No. 3 at featherweight and No. 5 at lightweight. One thing that should energize Davis is that Florida is a state where the BKFC seems to have flourished. With big crowds coming in, there should be an opportunity for Davis to fight on his home turf more often.

Online boxing news shows that Davis’ fight was one of several high-action fights on the card in South Beach. 

Rodriguez Shows No Gloves are No Issue

Rosa Rodriguez has found a lot of success in traditional boxing matches. But since taking a few fights in the BKFC, Rodriguez has shown that her hands are just as powerful without gloves on. Rodriguez punished Monica Franco in a high-paced fight.

While there wasn’t one punch in particular that ended things, the accumulation of Rodriguez’s punches did plenty of damage. The ringside doctor had seen enough at the end of the third round. He called a stoppage due to a cut above Franco’s eye to allow Rodriguez to improve to 2-0 in the BKFC.

Rodridguez’s comeback has been a nice turnaround for the 37-year-old. Before debuting in the BKFC in August 2023, Rodriguez hadn’t had a professional bout in any type of boxing for over two years. With Rodriguez’s pedigree, this is a good opportunity for BKFC to push a veteran fighter who can provide valuable depth to a weight class. Expect to see more from Rodriguez sooner rather than later, according to online boxing news.

Markus Suarez Makes Quick Work of Opponent

Markus Suarez didn’t find any luck as a professional mixed martial artist. Things didn’t start out looking so great with bare-knuckle boxing, either. Suarez lost his debut in BKFC in the second round against Drew Nolan.

But the Miami native found fighting in his backyard much more comfortable. Suarez only needed 28 seconds to pick up a win over Marcus Williamson. Williamson was making his BKFC debut and was caught off guard by Suarez’s stopping power.

Williamson had a significant amount of combat experience entering the bout. He collected a 4-9-1 record as an amateur fighter. Williamson figured out he may have to make some adjustments if he wanted to make fighting bare knuckle the right career choice for him.

Prado Announces Himself to Combat Sports World

Rohan Prado isn’t a name that will bring back many hits on a Google search. However, one way to gain a fanbase in combat sports is to show a knack for spectacular stoppages. During Prado’s debut in BKFC, Prado showed that he can make life difficult for his opponents.

Just 31 seconds into the first round, Prado landed a heavy shot to Raymond Pell to debut with a KO victory. Pell was a solid matchup for Prado to make a debut with. Both men need more information available about their combat sports history.

Pell was 0-4 in an amateur MMA fight. As a professional, Pell has a 1-1 record in bare-knuckle boxing. He also lost a grappling match to Alexios Mcdonald. Prado, meanwhile, has experienced some success in professional combat.

Prado’s bio shows that he took one amateur MMA fight and won it in spectacular fashion via KO. His time in the boxing ring didn’t produce as many fireworks. He had three fights, and all went the distance.

Prado has a 2-1 record in professional boxing, according to the latest boxing news online.

Labon Gets in on the Ground Floor

Dameko Labon doesn’t want to wait long until he battles his way up the rankings. The 23-year-old boxer has already shown a knack for exciting performances. Labon had to shake off an early knockdown Friday night before getting up to stop Jorge Bargallo.

It was an action-packed affair. The whole fight took place in 104 seconds. However, the action featured four knockdowns, and Labon earned his second victory. Labon hit the canvas first.

However, Labon was able to get up quickly and score three knockdowns of his own. The third knockdown, with 16 seconds left in the first round, forced the fight to be waived off by the referee. Labon, who fights out of Florida, is also 1-0 in the boxing ring. Labon had found that his skills have served him in several disciplines of boxing.

If Labon can continue to fine-tune his technique, he could be a dangerous contender down the road in BKFC.

Concepcion Earns a Quick Stoppage

Eduardo Concepcion was so aggressive in Miami on Saturday that his opponent, Alvin Davis, spent almost as much on the canvas as he did throwing punches. Concepcion knocked down Davis three times during a fight that only lasted 94 seconds.

Only one fight on the whole card ended up resulting in a decision. Many featured first-round stoppages. Here’s a look at the results of the fights not mentioned above:

  • Wayna Reid defeated Jim Pulgar by decision, 49-46 (x3)
  • Julio Perez defeated Kory Moegenburg via KO, Round 1 :30

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By Dean McHugh.