Deontay Wilder Vs. Joseph Parker Predictions

December 22, 2023
7 months
Deontay Wilder Vs. Joseph Parker Predictions

Deontay Wilder takes on Joseph Parker on Saturday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with all eyes on another knockout.

The Bronze Bomber has 43 wins, and 42 of them have been by knockout. His only two losses have been against Tyson Fury, when the American was stopped in two fights to lose his WBC heavyweight belt. But Wilder arrives into the fight with a first-round knockout win over Robert Helenius, showing how dangerous a fighter he can be. As for Parker, he is a sparring partner for Fury. That could impact the fight if the former WBO champion can avoid that right hand and frustrate the American. With that being said, here are the predictions from boxing insiders.

Wilder-Parker Predictions

“I mean I think Joseph Parker’s in a good place. You’ve seen him get beat maybe when he wasn’t as well prepared as he is now, but Wilder’s been out for a long time. Just that one fight in the last two years against Helenius, which was one round…Of Wilder’s not on it and Joseph can get himself into that fight, I think he’s got a great chance as well…[And] I think that Joshua and Wilder both win by stoppage,” Eddie Hearn 

“I can only see one winner in that, and I think that’s going to be Wilder by knockout. I like Joseph Parker, he’s a good fighter, but I think he’ll be there for Wilder to connect that big knockout punch” Charlie Edwards

“Yeah, again, tough fight for Deontay Wilder. Parker is no mug, he’s tough and he’s proved it in his past performances. Believe he went 12 rounds, he took AJ for the first time for 12 rounds, so you know he’s tough, he trains and works with Tyson Fury on a regular basis as we see on social media. It’s no mug for Wilder, but at the same time, we all know what Wilder can do at the most random time in the most random round. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I’m just happy that it’s going along,” Delicious Orie

“It’s kind of unreal really to put these fighters together for one show, for this show. I mean, it’s amazing. Wilder and, again, that’s a very, very intriguing fight. Two ex-world champions, one’s known for his devastating power and the other, Joseph Parker, is a very good, smart boxer. He saw his last performance in Riyadh, coincidentally what he did. I’m excited as a fan to watch the  fights on this card,” Don Charles

Other Predictions

“I see Joseph Parker winning the rounds, you know what I mean? And he’s got the power to knock him out. But Deontay Wilder just got that one punch. It’s just, you know what I mean, like you can never just take it away from him. He’s just so dangerous all the time. But I believe if he doesn’t knock Joseph Parker out, Joseph Parker wins on points,” Jai Opetaia

“I don’t bet, but I don’t know what the odds are, but I definitely put a few quid on Parker. [And] I just, you know, probably I’m wrong, but I just get that feeling in this car, there’s a couple of upsets right, a couple of upsets…I just got that feeling, you know, Joe can be awkward, he can box, and Wilder’s … got that missile right, and it, you know, if you’ve got a strategy, you’ve got to put it through for 12 rounds. That’s the tricky part, it’s not a round fight, or else I definitely put my money on Parker. But he’s, it’s just, I find it intriguing. I find that fight super intriguing,” Kalle Sauerland

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