Claressa Shields Promises To End Keith Thurman’s Career – ‘These Men, Thurman Ain’t That Good To Beat Me’

February 21, 2024
3 months
Claressa Shields Promises To End Keith Thurman's Career - 'These Men, Thurman Ain't That Good To Beat Me'

Claressa Shields doubled down on her belief that she could beat Keith Thurman in a boxing match.

Shields is the current Undisputed Middleweight Champion in women’s boxing and a two-time undisputed champion overall. That has put her alongside Terence Crawford and Naoya Inoue as the two fighters to have done it in the four-belt era.

Shields has earned her place in boxing history, but now she is taking it a step further. She initially called out Thurman, stating she could get the better of him. Thurman responded, stating he was not interested in the fight, only to say that he may be open to it if it was for charity. In doing so, Thurman felt he would beat Shields with just one hand.

Claressa Shields Promises To End Keith Thurman's Career - 'These Men, Thurman Ain't That Good To Beat Me'
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Shields Vs Thurman

“I don’t know what it is with these men they have huge ego problems, not just in boxing but in general in life. Keith said he could beat me with one hand and he could wear bigger gloves and I could wear headgear? I’m like ‘dude, stop’. The guy walks around at 154-pounds, you’re not that good of a boxer, you’re not a world champ, just tread lightly because I will get in there and I will fight him with both hands,” Shields said 

Since then, Thurman has moved on to other fights. He faces Tim Tszyu on Amazon Prime’s first PPV with PBC on March 30. The former Unified Welterweight Champion will headline on a big stage. But the bout is not for a world title as Tszyu’s WBO 154-pound belt is not at stake. If Thurman does secure a win, he could be in the discussion for another world title shot, leaving Shields down the pecking order. But Shields has still backed herself against the American. 

Will It Happen?

“If Keith can downplay the greatest woman of all time and say he’ll put on bigger gloves and [fight with] one hand, you’re dang right I can say I’m a better boxer than him because it’s the truth. I ain’t never been dropped with a body shot. I ain’t lost in my career, I’ve got more belts than him, more gold medals than him, and I move better than him. If he can talk that trash about me, I’m going to talk that trash on him. Keith Thurman ain’t that good to beat me with one hand and bigger gloves,” Shields stated 

Despite this, Shield’s boxing skills against male boxers have demonstrated her falling short. A sparring clip between her and Arturs Ahmetovs was leaked, showing her getting dropped in 2018. Shields later alleged that Ahmetovs’ gloves were tampered with, which he denied after she alleged stated they had no padding.

Ahmetovs hit back, stating they were not going hard on Shields, only for her team to demand that Ahmetovs hit harder. If those events transpired in that manner, facing Thurman, a fighter known for stopping boxers, would be harder.

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