36-Year-Old Boxer Samuel Teah Shot Dead During Thanksgiving Holiday

November 25, 2023
5 months
36-Year-Old Boxer Samuel Teah Shot Dead During Thanksgiving Holiday

36-year-old boxer Samuel Teah has been killed as a result of gun violence during the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to reports, Teah had been killed on November 24th, 2023, in Philadelphia. As of now, an investigation is being conducted in order to determine the background to this. It is claimed that the boxer may have gotten himself involved in a domestic issue, which then got out of hand, resulting in the shooting.

Teah’s Background

The boxer, who was a junior welterweight, was born in Liberia. Thereafter, he moved to Ghana at the age of five in order to get away from a civil war. Fast forward another five years, Teah moved to the United States, where he found himself in Philadelphia. The boxer continued to live there, but not without trouble.

At the age of 21, Teah suffered more hardship as a lot of members of his family passed away due to a fire in 2008. This included his brother, mother, sisters, nephew and two nieces, as well as a friend of the family. But that resolve showed just how much the boxer will be missed as he continued to dedicate himself to boxing.

“Sad news today, I lost a brother, a fighter, a friend, a whatever you could think of,” Rashiem Jefferson, Teah’s head trainer, said in a social media post on Friday. “This was a huge hurt piece. God’s time is the best timing. I don’t know why or where but I know God had another place for you and that’s the only thing that ease the pain. Angel Tsumani, my guy, my brother, my friend, my fighter. I know you watching over me now and will help direct my path. Thanks for being great while you was here,” Teah said

Teah’s Career

When it came to the boxing ring, Teah’s career also showed him fighting adversity. Huge wins over the current WBC junior lightweight champion O’Shaquie Foster were mixed up with losses against Brandun Lee and Brandun Lee. The latter loss was damaging since he was stopped in the third round in a televised fight. However, Teah did manage to come back from that loss with a first-round stoppage of Larry Fryers.

The last win of his career came against Enriko Gogobinka in a majority decision to give the latter the first loss of his career. A fight was then being planned for 2024 after Teah lost to Andrew Rodgers. It was either a rematch or against a new fighter, but this sadly never materialised due to the incident, which has left those close to Teah in mourning.

“Say it ain’t so…. my family, my friend. Sam say it ain’t so. You were one of the solid few. You gave me a hard time but I knew the love was real. My pain in my ass. But like that pain you feel after a long work out on the next day. The good pain. The pain of growth. What we gonna do now without you? Your smile was infectious. Who gonna call me sarah feeny? I’m broken,” Teah’s manager ( Sarah Fina)

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