Winning in Enemy Territory: Franco Tenaglia Claims Vacant European Title in England

April 8, 2024
2 months

Franco Tenaglia didn’t have to worry about not having the home-field advantage. The Argentina native fought in the United Kingdom against an English opponent and needed the judges to help him claim the BKFC Lightweight European title. Tenaglia’s performance ensured there was no home cooking to decide the outcome.

The most important moment of the fight came in the first round. Tenaglia landed a solid punch that floored James Lilley. Lilley was able to beat the count and continue, but he could never catch up to Tenaglia. 

Tenaglia scored a majority decision win by winning 49-45, 48-46, and 47-47 on the scores. Although there was one outlier judge, it was an impressive performance for Tenaglia away from home. He may want to spend more time focusing on bare-knuckle boxing.

Online boxing news shows Tenaglia is now 3-0 in the ring, while he is just 2-2 while competing in professional MMA. Tenaglia had to feel good winning a championship fight after how things have been going for him recently in MMA.

Tenaglia had lost his last two MMA fights, once by submission and once by knockout. Tenaglia’s victory highlighted a BKFC card that featured three regional championship fights. All of the winners of those fights hope to eventually turn those into world championships.

Christie Makes Quick Championship Defense

Danny Christie’s time in BKFC has been eventful, to say the least. This was Christie’s first fight in five months. During his last fight with the promotion, Christie was knocked out in the first round by Jared Warren.

But Christie’s behavior after the fight had him taking an introspective look at himself. After losing to Warren, Christie cussed out at the referee, who stopped the fight. While he later apologized, it wasn’t a good look.

Being back in the United Kingdom on Saturday seemed to provide Christie with some inner peace. Christie defended his BKFC light heavyweight United Kingdom championship by knocking out David Round 98 seconds into the fight.

It was a nice turnaround performance from Christie. Moving forward, he will need to take the same mental approach if he wants to win a higher-level championship according to online boxing news.

Shepherd Beats Fan Favorite to Claim Title

Ellis Shepherd had a clear idea of what to expect when he fought Gary Fox for the featherweight United Kingdom championship. Shepherd went into the fight expecting a rough-and-tumble battle that would go the distance. In the first round, Shepherd would make things a little messy.

A solid punch from Shepherd opened up a cut on Fox’s head. However, Shepherd wasn’t able to control much of the early action. But as the fight wore on and the bleeding for Fox got worse, Shepherd started to take control.

In the third round, Shepherd dropped Fox. As Shepherd promised, the fight went the distance. He scored a 49-46 win on all three of the judges’ scorecards, according to boxing updates tonight.

Hodgson Starts to Figure Things Out

Matt Hodgson may have been wondering what he was thinking. During Hodgson’s first professional fight against a 3-19 opponent in MMA back in 2018, Hodgson picked up a first-round knockout. But Hodgson didn’t reappear in a professional fight until two years later when he took on his first bare-knuckle boxing fight.

Hodgson suffered two consecutive knockout losses to start his career. But as he showed Saturday night, Hodgson has started to figure things out. Hodgson extended his winning streak to four fights when he knocked out Chaz Wasserman in the third round.

A series of uppercuts allowed Hodgson to walk away with the victory.

Doctor Says Fighter Has Had Enough

Jonno Chipchase demonstrated the immense power he has in his hands. During a bantamweight fight with Robbie Brown, Chipchase landed plenty of stiff punches to Brown’s head in the first round. Unfortunately for Brown, Chipchase’s power made it impossible to stay in the fight.

When the doctor came in to look at his left eye, he determined the fight should be stopped. Chipchase moved to 2-0 in his career.

Oskar Picks Up Another Victory

With the BKFC being a relatively new promotion, many new fighters come in and build a winning streak to start their careers. How long they can carry on being undefeated is the challenge for every man or woman who competes. Conor Cooke got a major wake-up call in a cruiserweight fight.

Cooke, who fell to 2-1 with the loss, didn’t see a big left hand coming from Dawid Oskar. Ultimately, the punch would take away Cooke’s undefeated record. Oskar landed the strike at the end of Round 1 and Cooke will have to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to improve.

Boardman Continues to Build a Strong Resume

Rob Boardman is starting to make a real case for a spot in the cruiserweight rankings. Boardman now has a sparkling 5-0 record after picking up a knockout victory over Danny McIntosh. Four of Boardman’s five victories have come via stoppage.

What Boardman needs to ask BKFC for is some tougher competition. McIntosh only had a 1-0 record entering the fight. While it can be difficult to pick up top competition with how new the sport is on the big stage, Boardman should be the first in line to be tested by a legitimate prospect.

Here’s a look at the other fights from Saturday that weren’t discussed above:

  • Lightweight, Ben Bonner win by knockout over Ray Putterill, Round 1 1:08
  • Middleweight, Toby Bindon win by knockout over Marcus Pond, Round 2 1:41
  • Heavyweight, Jack Draper win by knockout over Bubu, Round 1 1:14
  • Lightweight, Bartek Kanabey win by knockout over Bakhtyor Kudratov, Round 1

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By Dean McHugh.