Wilder’s Fiancée Gets A Restraining Order – ‘Alleges Choking, Spitting And Violence’

June 7, 2024
1 week
Wilder's Fiancée Gets A Restraining Order - 'Alleges Choking, Spitting And Violence'

Deontay Wilder’s fiancée, Telli Swift, has gotten a restraining order against him. 

Swift alleges the boxer has abused her numerous times over the past six years since they began dating in 2015. She applied for a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles, which was granted two days after his loss to Zhilei Zhang

Her application claimed Wilder had choked her “at least five times” since 2018. She also alleged he spat on her numerous times and shoved her face into a pillow, leaving her “nearly suffocated.” The order also claims Wilder accessed her laptop without her consent and sent harmful messages to her contacts. 

Further claims are that Wilder vowed to destroy her property and evicted her from their Atlanta home. She now claims she is living in their LA home with their 6-year-old daughter. However, Swift states Wilder has been spying on her through the home surveillance system. She fears the boxer could get violent upon his return from Saudi. The order means Wilder must be at least 100 yards away from the applicant and their daughter. The order will last until June 25, when both appear before a judge.

Wilder’s Fiancée

“I believe Deontay is capable of being physically violent towards me upon his return in June because he has expressed that he is furious with me since April and has been physically abusive with me in the past,” she stated 

Outside of his personal life, Oscar De La Hoya has defended Wilder after critics called on the boxer to retire following his loss to Zhang. It was his second consecutive loss. There were questions over whether his loss to Joseph Parker was a one-off. He had been inactive, having only had one round against Robert Helenius in over a year before facing Parker. However, the defeat to Zhang showed a fighter devoid of confidence.

That was his fourth loss out of his last five fights. He has only had one win in four bouts since working with Malik Scott. Scott’s role has come under scrutiny. Wilder knocked Scott out during his boxing career in 2015 via a first-round stoppage. Wilder’s father has also suggested that he needs a change of trainer, getting someone he can respect.

Given his achievements, Wilder’s mother has suggested that the Bronze Bomber should retire. Wilder became the first American heavyweight champion since Shannon Briggs. He defended his WBC Heavyweight Belt ten times before losing it to Tyson Fury. He entered boxing to earn money for his daughter, who has Spina Bifida. Wilder has done that and more, having achieved generational wealth for his family. While there are calls on him to retire, De La Hoya leapt to Wilder’s defense. 

De La Hoya On Wilder

“Deontay Wilder got knocked out, OK? But there’s no need to bash him. There’s no need to say, ‘Oh, he must retire and this and that.’ There’s no need to bash him. Deontay Wilder will make his decision whether he wants to retire or not.

“You have to give the man his respect and respect his decision. My thinking behind it is, never tell a fighter when to retire. It’s a personal decision. It’s a decision only a fighter should make. This is our livelihood, this is our love, this is our passion,” De La Hoya said 

Wilder’s next fight is uncertain. Any hopes of fighting Anthony Joshua are now off. He had agreed to a two-fight deal to face him, but his loss to Parker prevented that. There were hopes that a win over Zhang could have set up a Joshua fight in September. That is unlikely now, with Joshua in the running to face Daniel Dubois.

If Wilder cannot secure the big fights and the big purses, he will have to ask what the motivation is for him. He is unlikely to get a title shot, nor is he getting any younger at 38. He has taken serious punishment from the three Fury fights, and the Zhang performance. Regardless of what Wilder does, De La Hoya urged him to take some time off to decide what to do next. 

“So Deontay, keep it going, man. Whatever you do, whatever you decide, take your time, go on a vacation and take your beautiful family. When you come back and make the decision, you’ll make the right one in your heart, for yourself. This is a very personal decision. This is life, so take your time, brother,” De La Hoya stated


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