Wilder Tells AJ It Will Be A ‘Major Disaster’ If They Don’t Fight

November 15, 2023
3 months

In the latest boxing news, Deontay Wilder has told Anthony Joshua that boxing would suffer if the two fighters do not end up getting in the ring.

The boxers have been linked with a fight ever since 2018 when the undisputed heavyweight championship was on the line. Reports of a $50 million offer being sent to Joshua failed to materialise into a fight.

Thereafter, both fighters would go on to lose their belts as the undisputed fight crumbled. Despite attempts at rekindling the fight in Saudi Arabia, Skills Challenge Entertainment were unable to deliver the bout.

While Eddie Hearn has confirmed that alternative venues are being considered, the fight appears no closer to getting made. And that has left Wilder with a lot of regret if the boxer’s career ends without the fight happening.

Wilder On AJ

“Anthony, you’re hearing it from the horse’s mouth himself. I’m here, I’m ready to go. I heard some of the things about what your promoter [Eddie Hearn] said about my last fight [against Robert Helenius last year in October], which only lasted a short period of time [less than one round], and I haven’t fought in a year, and he doesn’t know if I want to fight or not. I’m letting you know right now, right here, that I’m ready to fight and ready to get in that ring. Let’s make this the best time of our lives. This will be a major disaster if we never get in the ring and put our stamp down in history,” Wilder said

Despite that being the case, the interest to hold the fight appears to have died down. With no belts on the line, the fight cannot command the same anticipation that it once had. In addition, both fighters have not been in the best of form.

Joshua’s wins over Jermaine Franklin and Robert Helenius failed to set the house on fire. Meanwhile, Wilder has been inactive since his win over Helenius over a year ago.

And with Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk being the name on everyone’s lips for the undisputed fight, it appears that Wilder and Joshua missed an opportunity.

And yet, according to Joshua, there is still an outside chance that the fight could happen on the Fury-Usyk card. The former unified heavyweight champion admitted that were reportedly plans to have the fight as a co-main event.

And if that were the case, the timeline of events would have put such a bout in April. But until there is official confirmation, fans have been left none the wiser despite Joshua’s following comments.

AJ On Wilder

“They want to put Usyk vs Fury and Joshua vs Wilder on the same night. When Fury gets through Ngannou it is going to be late October going into November so I doubt he will prepare for Usyk and then fight in December. It is too short. So, the next window will be in March or April and that is when the undisputed fight will happen. What we are being told is that they want to make it a mega-card. It won’t be a championship fighter – which is Usyk and Fury. It won’t be none of them guys and I am not too sure about the Wilder situation,” Joshua said

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