Wilder Says Joshua Was Happy He Lost – ‘Did You See How Happy He Was?’

December 26, 2023
4 months
Wilder Says Joshua Was Happy He Lost - 'Did You See How Happy He Was?'

Deontay Wilder accused Anthony Joshua of being delighted by his loss to Joseph Parker.

Before the Parker fight, there were reports that Wilder and Joshua had agreed a two-fight deal. The first of the two fights was meant to go ahead on March 9, 2024. This was if both boxers won their fights on ‘The Day of Reckoning’ Saudi card. Joshua came through with a stoppage win over Otto Wallin after five rounds.

Wilder, however, was dominated in a one-sided loss as Parker won a unanimous decision. That makes the Joshua fight a doubt since the demand to see it has fallen. Although that may be the case, Joshua was still open to fighting the American, per his post-fight comments. But since then, Eddie Hearn indicated that Filip Hrgovic is the next most likely opponent. But that has not stopped Wilder from wanting the fight.

Wilder On Joshua

“They really don’t want that fight. When I lost, did you see how happy he was coming out? I broke out laughing, I said, ‘That guy is happy,’ I made him able to perform like that. He was like, ‘I ain’t got to fight Wilder.’ The rumor was he was talking about retiring if I won. March 9th, the fight still can go on. But this is a perfect way for them to get out. I’m so heartbroken about my performance because I know it was lackluster. We had a hell of a training camp. I felt so amazing. I don’t know what happened,” Wilder said

Nevertheless, Joshua did have the desire to face the American. In the aftermath of Joshua’s win, Eddie Hearn confirmed that Joshua had signed the contract for the Wilder fight. This was also the case for the Tyson Fury fight, the first time around, dispelling the idea that Joshua was ducking the biggest names.

The Brit also fought Oleksandr Usyk in back-to-back fights and arguably has a better resume than Wilder and Fury. But given that Joshua aims to become a three-time world champion, facing Wilder makes no sense since his appeal has fallen after that poor loss. That is why Joshua’s team are now looking elsewhere.

Joshua’s Next Steps

“It was a tough decision between the championship and Wilder. We signed for Wilder, he lost tonight, that’s OK, it happens in boxing. Maybe it is a blessing because this guy is about championships. He wants to become a three-time heavyweight world champion. 

“It will be Filip Hrgovic against AJ for the world title. I am so happy to see him smiling and performing so well. He is a dangerous man when he is in that kind of mood. 2024 is going to be very interesting, every heavyweight should be on notice – he is back,” Hearn said

Wilder must put that performance behind him if he wants to secure those big fights. But in order to do that, he has to come out with a big win. ‘Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingnews.com