Where Does Ngannou Go Next After Fury?

November 15, 2023
3 months

Francis Ngannou’s stock has risen massively, following his boxing debut against Tyson Fury, leaving many to question where he goes next, as we explore today’s boxing news.

The former UFC heavyweight champion lost to Fury via a split-decision, as the result divided many in the boxing community. Despite coming out second best on the scorecards, Carl Froch and Carl Frampton had given the MMA fighter the win.

Thereafter, there were question marks over whether Ngannou would box again or go back to the PFL with his debut expected in 2024. With that being said, here are some options that Ngannou could do.

Boxing Fights

A rematch with Fury could be on the cards, provided that the Gypsy King beats Oleksandr Usyk in a fight that is expected to take place next year. The narrative has been set since Ngannou did manage to hurt the WBC heavyweight champion of the world by flooring him in round three and lasting the distance unlike others who had tried such as Deontay Wilder. Outside of Fury, fights with Wilder and Anthony Joshua have been mentioned. And given that Ngannou is likely to be ranked in the WBC’s top ten, further fights could open up.

MMA Fights

A move to MMA is the expected course of action, with Ngannou’s debut expected in 2024. His current contract allowed him to box in 2023, which he has now done. This naturally begs the question: who could Ngannou face? Well, the biggest fight in MMA is undoubtedly a bout with Jon Jones. But since both fighters fight under different MMA organizations, a bout looks unlikely. In addition, Dana White has ruled out a cross promotion between the PFL and the UFC. So, moving forward, Ngannou could face the winner of the PFL heavyweight tournament final between Renan Ferreira and Denis Goltsov​​.

Fight In Both

There is an outside chance that Ngannou could make a serious attempt at competing in both sports moving forward. The chances of this are unlikely, given that the top level requires a full commitment. However, the former UFC heavyweight champion’s following comments indicated that he is open to facing the best come what may.

Ngannou’s Comments

“Combination. I can do both. Nothing is stopping me from doing both. If I have the skill for both of them, why not? As for right now, I have a deal with PFL and I’m intending to fight MMA again. I love it. I’m more comfortable. I still love it. I might do some MMA fights, but I’m still going to do boxing. I never intended to just step over and do one fight and just go out. That wasn’t the plan at all, never. The plan is still the same…I’m going to fight sometime in February or March. Maybe in the cage or in the ring, but I’m going to fight. I already basically have both, and we are working on what’s going to work better,” ” Ngannou said

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