Weidman Advises McGregor On Injury Delay – ‘Watch My Last Fight And Learn’

April 1, 2024
2 weeks
Weidman Advises McGregor On Injury Delay - 'Watch My Last Fight And Learn'

Chris Weidman offered his advice to Conor McGregor after his delay in returning from a leg injury.

Weidman has had his fair share of struggles with injury. The former UFC Middleweight Champion was absent from the Octagon for over two years after breaking his leg against Uriah Hall in 2021 at UFC 261. He made his return against Brad Tavares at UFC 292 last year.

He suffered a unanimous decision loss and suffered injuries to both legs. This led to calls from Dana White that Weidman should retire. While that may be the case, Weidman secured a unanimous decision win over Bruno Silva last weekend. He fully understood the struggles that McGregor was having. The Irishman has not fought since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier in 2021 at UFC 264.

Weidman Reacts

“I know he watched my fight. I think he probably learned a lot watching my fight. Some of the red flags of what to be prepared for, for whoever he fights, and also maybe you’re not going to be able to throw [the kicks] back as much as you want. Or now, be prepared that could be something you have to deal with, so really train on kicking back.

“Because you want that to be second nature when you’re in there. For me, I thought I was good with that, but I wasn’t. I would have really worked at it more and realize there is a psychological effect when you break your leg in half like that. So you need to really get that habit back strong and focus on that. I don’t really think I need to say much. He should just watch my last fight and learn from that,” Weidman said 

McGregor has reassured fans that he will fight again, saying it was ‘all systems go’ for a fight date in the summer. Michael Chandler also revealed he has a date for the summer, but the UFC has not made any announcement. McGregor’s UFC form is not the best, losing three out of his last four fights. He is also 35, meaning inactivity will only harm his career. That has raised suggestions that McGregor will retire. However, he shut down those claims, stating he had more to give. 

McGregor Responds

“I’m aware that [pressure of life] is present, that feeling and that thing, whatever it is. But I’m also aware that rest, recuperation, recalibration — I’m not going to be 40-odd and looking at the 19-year-old wonder kid wherever he’s from, even though they might be calling me out. Look at all my potential opponents I have.

“I have gangs of opponents, literally, that I have history with — trilogies, secondary fights, fresh fights even. These are all similar age to me. So if these people are similar age to me, and I have an audience’s interest, which I do, who’s to say these fights won’t take place whenever they’ll take place? Do you get me? It’s to the grave, my man,” McGregor said 


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