Warren Calls Usyk A ‘Cry-Baby’ As He Demands A Strong Referee For The Fury Fight

February 12, 2024
2 weeks
Warren Calls Usyk A 'Cry-Baby' As He Demands A Strong Referee For The Fury Fight

Frank Warren has accused Oleksandr Usyk of being a ‘cry-baby’ when it comes to complaining towards the referee.

Warren’s comments were made about Usyk’s reaction to the body shot he received against Daniel Dubois in the fifth round. Usyk hit the canvas but then complained that it was below the belt. The referee gave Usyk three minutes to recover before stopping the Brit in the ninth round.

Although that may be the case, the body shot divided the boxing community. Some felt that the body shot was legal, particularly since Warren appealed the decision. The WBA did not overturn the result, leaving Usyk to face Tyson Fury for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. But Warren felt Usyk tended to complain, which he felt had to be addressed in the Fury fight.

Warren On Usyk

Warren Calls Usyk A 'Cry-Baby' As He Demands A Strong Referee For The Fury Fight
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“He has previously been complaining and moaning when he gets caught in the body. Now he’s in there with a guy [Fury] who is the master of taking advantage of any weakness. He does it a lot, Usyk, he ‘crybabies’ to the ref.

“He’s had previous for it about body shots. As long as the referee’s strong in that, I’m really happy, and I’m even more confident in Tyson in this fight than I was prior to [Usyk] fighting Daniel Dubois. I believe in Tyson. I’ve believed in him since day one. I genuinely think that he’s the best heavyweight out there,” Warren stated 

Just as Usyk’s apparent weakness to the body could be a factor, the same could be said for Fury’s cut. The Gypsy King withdrew from the Usyk fight set for February 17 after sustaining a cut over his right eye in sparring. That was the second time Fury pulled out of the Usyk fight after it was initially scheduled for December 23, 2023.

Zhang On Fury

It was also the second time that Fury had sustained a big cut above his eye, the first of which was during the Otto Wallin fight. There is a perception that Fury is no longer the same fighter, especially following the Francis Ngannou bout. Following rumours that he was knocked down in sparring by Jai Opetaia, Fury withdrew with the cut shortly after, raising concerns that those rumours were true. Regardless of the case, Zhilei Zhang stated the cut could prove pivotal, especially if it is an old cut that Usyk manages to target.

“The cut could factor into the fight, especially if it’s an older cut that has opened. It’s possible it could open again. Oleksandr Usyk could target the eye, but he would also have to expect that Tyson Fury would have a strategy to protect the eye or have a strategy to use Usyk’s aggression towards the eye against him. The cut does present an interesting element,” Zhang stated 

Come fight night, any excuses will be put aside as boxing will see its first Undisputed Heavyweight Champion since 1999.

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