Wallin Thinks Joshua Can Beat Fury

January 3, 2024
3 months
Wallin Thinks Joshua Can Beat Fury

Otto Wallin admits he has changed his heart over whether Tyson Fury would beat Anthony Joshua.

The Swede’s comments come after having shared the ring with Joshua. The southpaw arrived into the fight confidently, with his only loss being to Fury. Wallin had secured a big win against Murat Gassiev in Russia in his last fight, with much expectation to perform.

He failed to make any inroads as he was stopped after round five. Wallin’s team threw in the towel, bringing an end to any hopes of pulling off an upset. Wallin’s performance against Fury was far more superior. He lasted the full twelve rounds and troubled Fury. A huge cut above Fury’s eye resulted in extensive bleeding as the fight could have been stopped on any other given day. Now Wallin felt Joshua had a better chance of beating Fury.

Wallin On Joshua

“Well, I would say that this fight with Joshua was a lot tougher than the fight I had with Fury. It’s hard to say [what would happen in a fight between Fury and Joshua]. I think that Fury’s a very good fighter. Can probably pick it up from what he was doing in his last fight. It’s a decent fight. We’ll see what happens with Joshua now.

“He might be on to something really good with Ben Davison, and Ben obviously knows Tyson. I don’t know. There’s a lot of variables. I always said that Fury would win that fight, but now just being in with Joshua, I feel a little bit different. It’s hard to go against Tyson I think. But, I don’t know, it’s changed my mind a bit after this fight,” Wallin 

But it is essential to bear in mind the following points. When Fury faced Wallin, he had just faced Deontay Wilder and then Tom Schwarz. The Gypsy King was not near his peak since he had been out of the ring for over two years with mental health and substance abuse issues. That may have played a factor in Fury’s performance. John Fury was not happy with his son’s performance against Wallin.

Fury Vs. Wallin

“I have half an idea what went wrong but I cannot share it. He has done an eight-week camp but his strength and power have gone. He was as weak as a kitten. His body looked a lot softer tonight. He is not an 18 stone fighter, he wants to be body beautiful. I have seen this coming. I saw this coming. If he keeps hold of that team, that whole team, they will cost him his career. Ben Davidson and everyone,” John Fury stated 

It is also important to remember that Fury got rid of Ben Davidson and hired SugarHill Steward. That is when his performance improved, and Fury became a front-foot fighter. So the fact that Davidson worked with Joshua against Wallin, just as he had done when Wallin faced Fury, could have played a part in Joshua’s performance. With that background in place, a Fury-Joshua fight would resonate well with boxing fans.

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