Volkanovski’s Loss Blamed On Mark Zuckerberg – ‘Soy Energy Of Mark Zuckernerd’

February 22, 2024
2 months
Volkanovski's Loss Blamed On Mark Zuckerberg - 'Soy Energy Of Mark Zuckernerd'

Kenny Florian has questioned Alexander Volkanovski walking out with Mark Zuckerberg as he lost his UFC Featherweight Title against Ilia Topuria at UFC 298.

The Australian was knocked out in spectacular fashion during the second round, losing his stint as a four-year champion. That was the second time Volkanovski hit in the canvas in succession, losing to Islam Makhachev last year at UFC 294, in a lightweight bout. That fight ended early in the first round, raising question marks over how long Volkanovski has left at the top level. The MMA fighter is 35 years old, with a title shot unlikely unless he secures the rematch. 

That has raised scrutiny over his pre-fight conduct. Volkanovski already admitted he had been drinking before his camp for the Makhachev loss at UFC 294. Now, his decision to have Zuckerberg accompany him has been criticized, as the Facebook founder was in his corner and had walked him out. 

Florian On Volkanovski

“Volkanovski went in there with the mindset of saying, ‘Yeah, this guy is undefeated, but look what I have done, I’m gonna go out there and teach this kid a lesson. I don’t think that has everything to do with why he lost, I don’t think that’s the sole reason. However, it certainly plays a part. When you are going to battle, you have to take it extremely serious. Be ready for war. 

“That’s the kind of mindset you need to have for a championship fight in the UFC… For me, I just didn’t like the look, when Volkanovski came out there, he just seemed a little bit too relaxed for my liking. Even the fact of, like, having Zuckerberg there. We’re kind of joking about it in the chat, but man. Why do you have something that could be some kind of a distraction for a world championship fight against a killer like Ilia Topuria? Why would you do that?” Florian stated 

Volkanovski’s Aim

Despite this, Volkanovski does plan on having a rematch. He called out the Spaniard for a rematch in Spain. But given that Volkanovski has been so active of late, perhaps the wise decision may be to take some time out. He has had seven title bouts in over a year, showing he is one the most active fighters around. But he does not plan on slowing down, calling out Topuria for a rematch. 

“Next time, it’ll be different, but I’m going to just have a little bit of a rest. I definitely want that rematch. Spain, what I’m hearing, is going to happen. Dana wants Spain, obviously Ilia wants Spain. That probably won’t be until later in the year.

“So the timing would be perfect for me to spend time with the fam, rest up a little bit, look after myself and then we’ll get back in there. We’ll make it right on my end. I’m going to do everything right for the next one, and I’m going to get that belt back. Mark my words,” Volkanovski added

But the social media reaction suggests that Volkanovski may not be the same fighter following two brutal stoppages. 


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