Usyk Will Beat Fury Again – ‘He’s Deadly, Did You See Tyson’s Eyes’

July 10, 2024
4 days
Usyk Will Beat Fury Again - 'He’s Deadly, Did You See Tyson's Eyes'

Oleksandr Usyk will beat Tyson Fury in their rematch on December 21. 

That is according to Usyk’s former coach, James Ali Bashir. Usyk defeated Fury via a split decision to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. The scorecards did not reflect the dominance Usyk showed. He was out-boxing Fury for most of the fight, only for the Gypsy King to get the better of the Ukrainian in the middle rounds. Usyk almost knocked out Fury in round nine. However, the referee controversially imposed a standing eight count when Usyk was going for the stoppage.

Tyson refused to accept the loss, stating that Usyk was given the decision due to Ukraine’s war with Russia. The Gypsy King watched the fight back and was still adamant that he won. But Fury’s brother, Shane Fury, accepted that Usyk deserved the win. The early signs show that Fury is struggling to deal with the loss after being spotted getting thrown out of a bar in his hometown of Morecambe for being drunk. Although Fury could change the tactics and fight on the front foot, that plays into Usyk’s hands as a counterpuncher. Ali expects the Ukrainian to win again. 

Ali Reacts

“I know Oleksandr Usyk won’t be facing the same Tyson Fury in the rematch, but he won’t be facing the same Usyk. Just like Tyson Fury is going to go back and correct his flaws, Oleksandr Usyk is going to go back and correct his flaws. If I had to lean towards either one of these guys, I would lean towards Oleksandr Usyk because he’s the consummate professional,” Ali said

Usyk demonstrated this when he faced Anthony Joshua. The Brit is more of a power puncher than Fury, and he changed his whole setup for the Usyk rematch. He got rid of Robert McCracken and brought in Robert Garcia. Garcia was employed with the aim of making Joshua more aggressive. When it came to the rematch, Usyk still stayed in the pocket to trade with Joshua.

Usyk’s Ability

Although Joshua had a strong round nine by attacking Usyk’s body, the Ukrainian simply came out stronger in the tenth. He demonstrated that he still had plenty of gears left. There is a danger that fans did not even see the best Usyk against Fury despite his win, leaving Tyson with an uphill mountain to climb. Ali also talked up Usyk’s ability to stop his opponents. 

“Oleksandr is a strong guy. Now when I say, Oleksandr Usyk can hurt you, now everybody is oohing & ahhing. When he hurt Tyson Fury in that fight, he hurt him bad. Did you see Tyson’s eyes when he went against the ropes [in the ninth round]? His eyes said, ‘I’m hurt, and I’m in serious trouble here. 

“If it had not been for that referee, I think he would have knocked Tyson unconscious.  When Tyson fell against those ropes, he was gone. I know the guy [Usyk]. I worked with him for three years. [And] I know he can punch, and he’s a strong guy. He’s stronger than what people give him credit for. He’s deadly, and then when he gets you hurt, he’s going to finish you. That’s Oleksandr Usyk,” Ali added 


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