Tyson Fury Had A Mole In Camp – Shane Fury Reacts

February 11, 2024
4 months
Tyson Fury Had A Mole In Camp - Shane Fury Reacts

Tyson Fury’s brother, Shane Fury, denied suggestions that a mole existed in his brother’s camp.

Speculation over a mole first emerged when there were suggestions that Fury was dropped in sparring. Jai Opetaia was alleged to have put Fury on the canvas after he was sent home from the training camp after just five days. This was followed up by Johnny Nelson, who claimed that there were rumours that Fury had been ‘getting turned over’ in sparring. Shortly after, Fury pulled out of his fight with Oleksandr Usyk after getting a big cut over his right eye in sparring. That led to claims that Fury had a mole leaking things from sparring. Now Shane Fury has shut that down.

Fury Reacts

“I heard the camp wasn’t going well, and he got dropped in sparring by Jai Opetaia, and somebody else is supposed to have [done it]. None of it ever happened. If the information Johnny was saying was correct, then it would be worrying, but it’s quite comical.

“If it was true, it wouldn’t be nice because people in the camp, you’re supposed to trust them, and stuff like that shouldn’t get out, even if it did happen. [And] if Tyson knocked somebody out in sparring, and he’s knocked out plenty of people in sparring, you wouldn’t know because none of us would be saying it. So, things don’t get leaked,” Shane Fury stated 

Brown Reacts

Nevertheless, Fury’s withdrawal showed he may not be the same fighter he once was. It was the second time he had suffered a big cut, the first against Otto Wallin. While he did get the win over Wallin, the fight could have been stopped. There is a fear that Usyk may target that area, especially since Fury has shown he can be hurt recently.

His bout with Francis Ngannou showed that when he was dropped in the third round. Tim Bradley responded to Fury’s withdrawal from the Usyk fight, saying this could start his downfall. And to top it off, Fury’s manager, Spencer Brown, does not suspect there was a mole.

“Johnny Nelson, he’s got a mole in our camp. We’ve been digging holes everywhere because there’s a mole there somewhere. We got to dig them up with a shovel. There’s an informant in the camp. What we needed was the Gestapo to find out who the grass was. I got one in particular [suspected informant]. I got him down as a midnight, yeah. [And] I don’t think it’s malicious. I just think it’s somebody. Pillow talk, a few white lies going about, a few misconceptions. That’s what it is, pillow talk. We know in all camps, you can’t spar every day, and you can’t look the best every day,”  Brown stated 

With the fight rescheduled for May 18, it is vital that Fury prepares himself for a prime Usyk. Otherwise, he may come up short. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingnews.com.