Tommy Fury Warns KSI’s Friend Simon Minter, ‘We’ve Got A Problem’

February 25, 2024
3 months
Tommy Fury Warns KSI's Friend Simon Minter, 'We've Got A Problem'

Tommy Fury has slammed KSI’s Sidemen colleague Simon Minter.

Fury has a history with KSI after having beaten the YouTuber in a controversial unanimous decision. Some in the boxing community felt KSI had been deprived of a win, as the influencer appealed the decision. The result stood, giving Fury the win after his split-decision victory against Jake Paul

“The PBA confirms that an independent review panel, consisting of two of the country’s leading King’s Counsel and a third lawyer, has determined that there are no grounds to overturn the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight result from October 14, 2023.”

But now Minter has irked Fury with his latest comments after he mocked the boxer’s career and his daughter’s name, Bambi. When asked who Fury was targeting next, Minter suggested he was only interested in money fights. 

Winter On Fury

“It’s just weird seeing Tommy Fury, this pro boxer. Obviously, everyone who was like, ‘Oh, I know boxing.’ They said, ‘Tommy’s gonna win and it’s not even gonna be close.’ To it being that close, and Tommy then saying he’s done with influencer boxing. But he won’t fight Viddal Riley because he won’t sell tickets? Well, who’s he trying to fight? People who sell tickets, influencers. I don’t know, his kid’s called Bambi,” Minter said 

Fury is unlikely to fight professional boxers again, given how much money he makes fighting influencers. For the Jake Paul fight, Fury reportedly made $4.5 million. That was followed up by the KSI fight, which reportedly earned him $10 million.

Fury cannot command the same figures against professional boxers since he does not have a big name or leverage with belts. Jake Paul has also offered him a two-fight deal worth $20 million. This includes a boxing rematch and a possible MMA bout. 

“He’s willing to fight him in boxing and if Jake wins, he’s willing to enter the SmartCage in the PFL with Tommy. There’s a path there where it’s $20 million in guaranteed money,” Paul’s business partner Nakisa Bidarain stated 

Fury On Winter

That understandably has left Fury in a position where he is exposed to big offers, as he hit back at Minter. 

“Say whatever you want about your mate KSI who lost, but don’t ever mention my daughter’s name again or me and you are gonna have a problem. Keep my child’s name out of your mouth,” Fury revealed 

There is nothing to indicate that Minter will get in the ring with Fury. But the narrative is in place to run things back with KSI. The latter was adamant that he had been robbed. He has been linked with the Jake Paul fight, but that is unlikely since Paul is focused on beating professional boxers. But any chances of KSI facing Fury again are slim since the boxer dismissed running things back. 

“He goes his way, I go mine. I’m done with all this s***, all this crossover s***.  [And] I’m onto my next challenge now. I’m done with the bulls***, f*** the bulls***,” Fury said

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