These 48 Hollywood Legends Continues To Make A Fortune Despite Their Old Age!

April 8, 2024
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Hollywood sometimes makes a gal feel ancient, right? All these fresh-faced stars popping up, and it’s like… where did all my old-school favorites go? Well, guess what? “Some” of those Hollywood legends are still out there, and they’re totally killing it.

And get this—they’re still raking in the big bucks, proving age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Time to dish on the stars who make Hollywood feel timeless, starting from the youngest. Can you guess who’s the oldest on our list?

1. Ralph Carter (Age 61): The Kid Who Owned the ’70s

Remember “Good Times”? Of course you do! And you definitely remember Michael Evans, the youngest Evans kid who always had a snappy comeback. Well, that was Ralph Carter, born May 30th, 1961. This dude was a legit star before he even hit his teens!

Hollywood legends - Ralph Carter

He wasn’t just acting on TV – he crushed it on Broadway in “Raisin,” even snagging a Tony nomination in 1973! Okay, maybe his career didn’t stay at that red-hot level, and even with a cool million net worth, he seems to prefer a quieter life nowadays. But let’s be real, the man’s a legend.

2. Heather Locklear (Age 61): The Queen of ’80s and ’90s TV

Can we all agree that Heather Locklear, born September 25th, 1961, was THE bombshell of primetime TV for, like, two decades straight? From scheming on “Dynasty” to rocking those power suits in “Melrose Place,” this lady owned the small screen.

She had it all: the gorgeous looks, the perfect ’80s hair, and enough attitude to fuel a whole season of drama (hello, Amanda Woodward!). Her career hasn’t been all smooth sailing, with some public struggles, but despite everything, she’s racked up a net worth of $6 million and remains an icon.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis (Age 64): From Scream Queen to Hollywood Royalty

If you don’t love Jamie Lee Curtis, born November 22nd, 1958, I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with you. This woman is the daughter of Hollywood legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, so yeah, talent runs in the blood.

But forget that – she blazed her own trail, starting with her iconic role in 1978’s “Halloween.” She didn’t get pigeonholed in horror, though. She’s totally hilarious in comedies like “Trading Places” and “Freaky Friday,” won a Golden Globe, and is a passionate advocate for good causes. With a net worth of $60 million, Jamie Lee Curtis is the real deal, proving you can be a mega-star and still be down-to-earth.

4. Inger Nilsson (Age 63): Pippi Longstocking Forever

Who didn’t grow up wanting to be Pippi Longstocking? That freckled, red-haired spitfire with the mismatched stockings and superhuman strength! Well, Inger Nilsson, born May 4th, 1959, brought her to life in the 1969 Swedish TV series and became a global icon practically overnight. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in Villa Villekulla with a pet monkey and a horse?

While she’s had other acting roles, nothing matches the fame of Pippi. Even with an estimated net worth of a million, Inger’s gone on to live a quieter life, mostly out of the spotlight, but she’ll always be our favorite super-strong, super-independent girl.

5. Emma Thompson (Age 63): The British Powerhouse

Emma Thompson, born April 15th, 1959, is classy with a capital C, but let’s not forget this woman is hilarious, talented as heck, and not afraid to speak her mind. Seriously, she’s got Oscars for both acting AND screenwriting, making her a double threat.

From the drama of “Howards End” to the laughs in “Nanny McPhee” to tearing our hearts out in “Love Actually,” Emma Thompson does it all. And with a net worth clocking in at around $50 million, did I mention she’s a vocal activist for causes she believes in? This woman is #goals, proving you can be brilliant, accomplished, and still be a kind human.

6. Charlene Tilton (Age 64): Dallas’s Blonde Bombshell

If you were alive in the ’80s, you definitely remember Charlene Tilton. Born December 1st, 1958, in San Diego, this pint-sized blonde was THE troublemaker on “Dallas” (CBS) as Lucy Ewing, J.R.’s scheming niece. With her big hair and mischievous glint in her eyes, Charlene was always stirring up drama at Southfork Ranch.

“Dallas” might have been her biggest gig, but she’s been on a ton of TV shows over the years—even reality shows like “Dancing on Ice”! Plus, with an estimated net worth of $2 million, she’s doing just fine and is super involved in charity work, especially with organizations supporting autism.

7. Lorenzo Lamas (Age 66): The King of ’80s and ’90s Action

Lorenzo Lamas, born January 20th, 1958, is basically Hollywood royalty – his parents were actors Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas! But he didn’t just ride their coattails – this guy made his own mark as the ultimate action hero.

Think “Falcon Crest” (CBS) with those smoldering looks, then “Renegade” (syndicated) where he was kicking butt and taking names. Let’s not forget he’s a black belt in karate and a legit pilot – how cool is that? Oh, and those five marriages? Yeah, his life off-screen has been just as wild, fueling a net worth of about $4 million.

8. Shaun Cassidy (Age 64): From Teen Idol to TV Mastermind

Shaun Cassidy, born September 27th, 1958, was THE definition of a ’70s teen heartthrob. I mean, have you seen those old album covers? But this guy, son of actress Shirley Jones and actor Jack Cassidy, wasn’t just a pretty face. He crushed it on “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” (ABC) and then totally reinvented himself as a writer and producer.

He’s the brains behind shows like “American Gothic” (CBS) and “Invasion” (ABC) – seriously dark and twisty stuff. With an estimated net worth of $20 million, Shaun Cassidy proves you don’t have to fade away once the screaming fans grow up.

9. Robby Benson (Age 68): Teen Heartthrob Turned Disney Legend

Robby Benson, born January 21st, 1956, in Dallas, Texas, soared to fame in the ’70s with movies like “Ode to Billy Joe” and “Ice Castles.” Okay, maybe those are a little cheesy now, but his voice as the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”? Iconic. He’s also a talented director, writer, and composer – the man’s got range!

He’s even battled heart problems head-on and now teaches film classes at universities like Indiana University and the University of South Carolina. With an estimated $2 million net worth, he’s clearly doing alright and is inspiring a new generation!

10. Pamela Sue Martin (Age 71): From Nancy Drew to Dynasty Diva

Pamela Sue Martin, born January 5th, 1953, in Westport, Connecticut, was America’s sweetheart as Nancy Drew in “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” (ABC). She was the girl-next-door with brains and guts! Then, boom, she switched gears to play the super-glam Fallon Carrington on “Dynasty” (ABC), giving us some major power-suit envy.

But here’s the thing about Pamela – she’s not just an actress. With a net worth of around $4 million, she can afford to follow her passions. She’s an activist, an author, and totally dedicated to protecting the environment. This woman proves you can be a star and still make a difference in the world.

11. Cheryl Ladd (Age 72): The ’70s Bombshell Who Never Left

Close your eyes. Picture feathered hair, a halter top, those iconic high-waisted jeans… That’s Cheryl Ladd, born July 12th, 1951, in her “Charlie’s Angels” prime, replacing Farrah Fawcett in 1977.

This lady, with her million-dollar smile and California cool, was the ultimate ’70s dream girl. But Cheryl’s got staying power. Those Hallmark Christmas movies? That’s her! Random thrillers on Lifetime? Yep, still Cheryl! With an estimated $12 million net worth, it’s clear some stars fade, but Cheryl Ladd just keeps on shining.

12. George Strait (Age 71): Country Music’s Timeless Cowboy

You can’t talk about country music without mentioning George Strait, born May 18th, 1952. The man’s got the voice, the boots, the hat – he’s the whole package! His songs like “Amarillo by Morning” and “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” are like comfort food – a little twang, a little heartbreak, and a whole lot of stories about life, love, and Texas.

With 60+ number-one hits, George has proven that classic country never goes out of style. Plus, he’s still selling out stadiums with a net worth of $300 million. Now, that’s what you call a legend.

13. Philip Anglim (Age 73): The Actor You Respect, Even If You Don’t Know His Name

Philip Anglim, born February 11th, 1952, is one of those “oh, THAT guy” actors. You might not know his name off the top of your head, but you’ve seen him in everything. The sensitive alien leader Vedek Bareil in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”? That was him.

The tortured soul in “The Elephant Man” on stage, earning him a Tony nomination? Him again! He’s not flashy, but with a net worth of about $3 million, he’s clearly got serious depth, the kind of actor who makes everything he’s in a little bit more interesting.

14. Debra Jo Rupp (Age 72): That Mom You Wish You Had

Debra Jo Rupp, born February 24th, 1951, is the best kind of TV mom – funny, a little bit sassy, and always there with a plate of cookies (or maybe just a sarcastic remark). Kitty Forman from “That ’70s Show” is the role she’ll always be known for, and for good reason – that laugh is iconic!

But did you know this lady’s a Broadway veteran, appearing in over 10 shows? Talk about range! She’s the kind of actress who makes every scene better, whether it’s a cheesy sitcom or a serious play. And with an estimated $5 million in the bank? She’s clearly doing something right.

15. Leonard Whiting (Age 72): The Romeo Who Stole Our Teenage Hearts

If you were a teenage girl in the ’60s, chances are Leonard Whiting, born June 30th, 1950, was your first (and most devastating!) film crush. His Romeo in the 1968 Zeffirelli version, with those big eyes and tragic love story, was straight-up swoon-worthy.

He might not have become a mega-star, but that one role – for which he won a Golden Globe! – made him unforgettable. And hey, with an estimated net worth of $10 million, sometimes, being forever linked to one of the greatest love stories of all time isn’t such a bad thing.

16. Richard Dean Anderson (Age 74): The Action Hero Who Loved Science

Who didn’t try to MacGyver themselves out of a sticky situation at least once? Richard Dean Anderson, born January 23rd, 1950, wasn’t just some hunky action star. He played the original brainy badass, solving problems with a paperclip and a stick of gum!

Sure, “MacGyver” was cheesy, but also kind of awesome. Then he went full sci-fi as Jack O’Neill in “Stargate,” proving he could be snarky as well as smart. Plus, the fact that he’s worth an estimated $30 million? Clearly, the whole saving-the-world gig pays well.

17. Victoria Principal (Age 74): The “Dallas” Darling Who Built an Empire

Victoria Principal, born January 3rd, 1950, wasn’t just another pretty face on “Dallas.” This lady played Pamela Barnes Ewing, the woman everyone loved to hate for nearly a decade!

Victoria walked away from it all to start her own skincare company, Principal Secret. Talk about brains AND beauty! And with a whopping net worth of $350 million, she proves that sometimes the best revenge is massive success.

18. Tim Matheson (Age 74): From Animal House Frat Boy to White House Power Player

Can you believe the smooth-talking Otter from “Animal House” and the polished Vice President on “The West Wing” are the same guy? That’s the power of Tim Matheson!

Born December 31st, 1947, he’s the perfect example of how a talented actor can reinvent himself over and over. He’s done comedy, drama, and even voice acting (remember Jonny Quest?). And with $7 million to his name, he’s clearly done something right!

19. Lionel Richie (Age 73): The Music Legend with a Heart of Gold

Is there anyone who DOESN’T know a Lionel Richie song? “Dancing on the Ceiling,” “Say You, Say Me,” that epic duet with Diana Ross… the man wrote the soundtrack to the ’80s!

Born June 20th, 1949, he’s not just a talented singer and songwriter—he’s pretty much music royalty. He’s won a ton of awards, been a judge on “American Idol,” and with an estimated $200 million net worth, he’s sharing that love with charities around the world.

20. Bryan Brown (Age 75): Australia’s Rugged Leading Man

Bryan Brown, born June 23rd, 1947, is way more than just a handsome face. This Aussie actor is the real deal – think rugged, no-nonsense characters with a surprising depth.

He broke out in the miniseries “The Thorn Birds,” making every woman swoon, then charmed the pants off America with Tom Cruise in “Cocktail.” With a net worth of about $10 million and a bunch of awards for his Aussie films, he’s an icon on two continents!

21. Glenn Close (Age 76): The Actress of Intense Complexity

Glenn Close, born March 19th, 1947, is way more than just the bunny-boiler from “Fatal Attraction.” This lady is a powerhouse, with eight Oscar nominations (but sadly, no wins yet), and a boatload of awards for her film, TV, and stage work. Think “Damages,” “101 Dalmatians” (terrifying as Cruella!), and the Broadway smash “Sunset Boulevard.”

She’s all about diving deep into her characters, even the messed-up ones. Plus, with an estimated net worth of $50 million, Glenn Close is also an advocate for causes like mental health and even has her own production company. Talk about talent and influence!

22. Tim Curry (Age 76): Master of the Unforgettable Role

Tim Curry, born April 19th, 1946, is the kind of actor you never forget. He’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” that creepy clown Pennywise in the original “It,” and a ton of other memorable villains.

Tony is a nominated Broadway star, too! And his voice? He’s behind some of the best cartoon baddies ever! Even after a stroke in 2012, he’s still working. With a net worth of $14 million, it’s clear that Tim Curry’s unique brand of weirdness is worth a fortune.

23. Loni Anderson (Age 77): The Blonde Bombshell of Classic TV

Remember Jennifer Marlowe on “WKRP in Cincinnati”? That was Loni Anderson, born August 5th, 1945, in all her ’70s bombshell glory! She was nominated for three Golden Globes and two Emmys for the role, proving she had brains and comedic timing to go along with the famous looks.

She’s battled some serious health issues and been married four times, but this lady is a survivor. She even wrote a tell-all book! And that net worth of $12 million? Clearly, Loni Anderson always lands on her feet.

24. Priscilla Presley (Age 77): More Than Just Elvis’ Wife

Priscilla Presley, born May 24th, 1945, will always be linked to the King, but did you know she’s a savvy businesswoman too? She’s the one who helped turn Graceland into the money-making tourist trap it is today!

She also starred on “Dallas” for five seasons and launched her own perfumes and home décor lines. Priscilla is living proof that you can be tied to an icon and still make your own mark. Plus, with an estimated $50 million sitting in the bank, she’s doing just fine.

25. Gladys Knight (Age 78): The Empress of Soul Who Never Stopped

Okay, if you don’t know Gladys Knight, born May 28th, 1944, get ready to be blown away! This woman started singing with her siblings in Gladys Knight & the Pips when she was just 8 years old. They dominated the soul charts with hits like “Midnight Train to Georgia” (1973) and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” (1967), even outshining Marvin Gaye’s version!

But Gladys doesn’t rest on those old hits – she’s got a killer solo career (that James Bond theme, “Licence to Kill,” anyone?), acts in movies and on TV, and even has her own chain of soul food restaurants. Talk about a multi-talented queen! Those seven Grammys and that $28 million fortune? Totally deserved.

26. Bette Midler (Age 77): The Divine Miss M, Unstoppable and Unforgettable

Bette Midler, born December 1st, 1945, is a force of nature. This lady started out singing in New York City bathhouses back in the ’70s with her mix of powerhouse vocals and hilarious, bawdy humor. Then Hollywood came calling, and she nailed everything from weepy dramas like “Beaches” (1988) to the campy classic “Hocus Pocus” (1993).

She’s not just an actress and singer, though – she’s won Grammys, Emmys, and even a Tony Award for reviving “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway. Plus, she’s a serious environmentalist, cleaning up New York’s parks for years. Bette Midler proves that with talent, hustle, and a giant personality (plus a $250 million fortune!), anything’s possible.

27. Barry Manilow (Age 79): The King of the Heartbreak Ballad

You know those songs that get stuck in your head and make you kinda emotional? That’s Barry Manilow, born June 17th, 1943, in all his glory! “Mandy,” “Can’t Smile Without You,” “Copacabana” – this guy knows how to write a hit.

But did you know he started out writing commercial jingles (“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there…”)? Or that he’s even written Broadway musicals? Those long-time Vegas residencies haven’t hurt his bank account either – he’s worth an estimated $100 million! And he gives back, supporting music education with his foundation.

28. Stefanie Powers (Age 79): The “Hart to Hart” Glamour Girl with a Heart of Gold

Stefanie Powers, born November 2nd, 1942, will forever be Jennifer Hart, one-half of TV’s most stylish crime-solving duo in the ’80s hit “Hart to Hart.” She and Robert Wagner had major chemistry, and those outfits were iconic! But she’s more than just a pretty face – she’s been acting since she was a teenager, starring in movies opposite John Wayne in the 1960s!

She’s even graced stages in London’s West End, showing serious acting chops. Her real passion is animals, though. She runs a wildlife foundation in Kenya named after her late partner, William Holden. With a net worth of $9 million, she proves you can be a Hollywood star and still change the world.

29. Kurtwood Smith (Age 79): He’ll Always Be Red Forman, But He’s So Much More

Kurtwood Smith, born July 3rd, 1943, is the master of the grumpy old man, best known as Red Forman on “That ’70s Show.” His deadpan insults and threats to stick his foot places were the best part of the series! But get this – he was terrifying audiences as the villain in the original “RoboCop” (1987) before he was making us laugh.

And his sci-fi roles don’t stop there – he’s been in a ton of “Star Trek” series over the years. Plus, he’s a serious theater actor with major regional stage credits. Turns out, he’s way more than just a sitcom dad, and with a $10 million net worth, he’s clearly got the talent to back it up.

30. Linda Evans (Age 79): “Dynasty” Diva Turned Wellness Warrior

Okay, “Dynasty” fans, let’s be honest – Linda Evans, born November 18th, 1942, as Krystle Carrington, was THE blueprint for glamorous ’80s drama. Those shoulder pads, that hair! But get this: she wasn’t content to rest on her soap opera fame.

This lady published a cookbook, started her own fitness centers… talk about multi-talented! Plus, with a net worth of $25 million, she’s clearly a savvy businesswoman. But here’s what I love most– she’s so open about her struggles with anxiety and finding her path beyond Hollywood. It shows even the biggest Hollywood stars are human, right?

31. Robert De Niro (Age 80): The Method Master with More to Prove

Robert De Niro, born August 17th, 1943, is THE definition of an intense actor. He gained 60 pounds for “Raging Bull,” creeped us out in “Taxi Driver,” and made us laugh in the “Meet the Parents” movies. There’s been some less-than-stellar films lately and whispers about him being, well, difficult.

But hey, the man’s got two Oscars and a $500 million fortune, so he’s earned some slack! Plus, he’s back with Martin Scorsese in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” even if he’s not the award-season favorite. And get this—he just welcomed his seventh child! Clearly, at 80, the legend’s not slowing down anytime soon.

32. Ann-Margret (Age 81): The Bombshell with Back-to-Back Hits

Can we talk about Ann-Margret, born April 28th, 1941, for a minute? Singer, dancer, actress – the woman’s a triple threat! She set the screen on fire in “Viva Las Vegas” with Elvis, then nailed Oscar-worthy performances in movies like “Carnal Knowledge.”

Seriously, how many stars can pull that off? Oh, and those chart-topping hits in the ’60s? Iconic! Five Golden Globes and a net worth of $20 million? That’s superstar status for life. How come some people have all the talent?

33. Al Pacino (Age 82): The Method Master

Forget “The Godfather” and “Scarface” for a second (I know, it’s hard). Al Pacino, born April 25th, 1940, IS intense acting. The man breathes his roles, completely disappearing into the part. That Oscar for “Scent of a Woman”? Totally deserved.

But here’s the thing: he’s got serious theater chops, too. Shakespeare, anyone? That just proves his range. And his side hustle as a director? Talk about ambition! Now, he’s even mentoring young actors! With a $120 million fortune, clearly, this legend keeps going strong.

34. Paul Hogan (Age 82): The Aussie Lad Who Cracked America

G’day, mate! Paul Hogan, born October 8th, 1939, ain’t just Crocodile Dundee, though let’s be real, that’s the role we all love. But he was already a massive star in Australia before charming us Yanks with those outback antics.

Did you know he wrote the “Crocodile Dundee” movie? That earned him an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe, showing those brains as well as those biceps. And those “shrimp on the Barbie” ads? He helped put Australia on the tourist map! Even with a $20 million fortune, he still seems like the kind of bloke you’d want to grab a beer with.

35. Tina Turner (Age 82): The Comeback Queen

Tina Turner, born November 26th, 1939, is the one and only Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll! That voice, those legs, that energy – can you believe she’s in her 80s? Her hits like “Proud Mary” and “What’s Love Got to Do With It” keep the party going, but we all know her real superpower is resilience.

She escaped Ike Turner and launched a solo career that soared… talk about inspiring! And anyone who saw her biopic knows she’s been through hell and back. That $250 million fortune? She earned every penny with her blood, sweat, and those incredible dance moves.

36. Raquel Welch (Age 81): The Bombshell Who Aged Like Fine Wine

Can we talk about Raquel Welch for a sec? Born September 5th, 1940, this lady basically invented the term “sex symbol.” I mean, that fur bikini in “One Million Years B.C.”? Iconic. It’s a shame she got typecast because she actually won a Golden Globe for “The Three Musketeers” – the woman has acting chops!

But hey, being hot and fit opened other doors – she did fitness videos in the ’80s, and she’s got a successful line of wigs (which, let’s be honest, she probably uses herself). With $40 million in the bank, she’s clearly done alright for herself.

37. Nancy Sinatra (Age 81): More Than Just Frank’s Daughter

Okay, having Frank Sinatra as a dad is a big deal, but Nancy Sinatra, born June 8th, 1940, made her own mark. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”? Still a banger! And those duets with Lee Hazlewood? So cool.

She wasn’t just a one-hit-wonder either, she had a whole music career in the ’60s. She’s even acted! Plus, she’s carrying on the Sinatra legacy, which isn’t easy, and that earns her major points in my book. And with an estimated $50 million to her name? She’s clearly inherited some of her dad’s business sense, too!

38. George Hamilton (Age 82): The Original Mr. Tan

George Hamilton, born August 12th, 1939, was the ultimate smooth-talker back in the day. He had those rom-com leading man roles down pat, especially when he was poking fun at himself a bit, like in “Zorro, the Gay Blade.”

Of course, we all know the most iconic thing about him is that perpetual tan. Love it or hate it, the man turned it into an empire with tanning salons and skincare! With a net worth of $20 million, he’s clearly been laughing all the way to the bank.

39. Bill Cosby (Age 84): The Legacy that Turned Toxic

Bill Cosby, born July 12th, 1937, was once America’s Dad. “I Spy” broke barriers for Black actors, and “The Cosby Show” was groundbreaking. He donated tons of money to education… but we all know what happened.

Dozens of assault allegations destroyed his reputation and rightly so. He might still be worth an estimated $60 million, but he’ll never get his legacy back. It’s proof that even the most beloved stars can have dark sides.

40. Jerry Lee Lewis (Age 86): The Wild Man of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jerry Lee Lewis, born September 29th, 1935, truly earned the nickname “The Killer.” That man practically set his piano on fire with hits like “Great Balls of Fire”! He was rock ‘n’ roll before it had a name.

Marrying his 13-year-old cousin tanked his career for a while… that was messed up. But he found his way back with country music. Even now, he’s a legend, though it’s a miracle he’s still alive after the way he lived. And with a $15 million net worth? He’s clearly still rockin’ in more ways than one!

41. Jamie Farr (Age 87): The “MAS*H” Star Who Made Dresses Look Good

If you don’t know Jamie Farr, born July 1st, 1934, as Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger from “MAS*H,” were you even alive in the ’70s and ’80s? The man single-handedly made wearing housedresses to get out of the army hilarious! The show aired from 1972 to 1983, and those reruns play constantly, so he’s still making bank!

But did you know he even appeared on Broadway in shows like “Guys and Dolls”? Talk about range! And with a net worth of $6 million, he’s clearly got a good head for money as well as comedy! Plus, he’s a genuinely nice guy, always supporting charities and veterans’ causes.

42. Willie Nelson (Age 89): Country Outlaw and Weed King

Willie Nelson, born April 29th, 1933, in Abbott, Texas, is more than just a country singer. This guy’s an icon! Songs like “On the Road Again” and “Always on My Mind” are classics. Of course, Patsy Cline’s version of “Crazy” is the best, but Willie wrote it!

He’s also a total rebel – he’s been pushing for marijuana legalization for decades and founded Farm Aid in 1985 to help family farmers. No wonder he’s got his own cannabis brand, “Willie’s Reserve.” With a net worth of $25 million, it looks like his outlaw ways have paid off big time!

43. Barbara Eden (Age 91): The Genie Who Never Seems to Age

Barbara Eden, born August 23rd, 1931, in Tucson, Arizona, is basically immortal. How is it possible to look that good at 91? But more importantly, “I Dream of Jeannie” ran from 1965 to 1970 and is still one of the most beloved sitcoms ever.

Sure, it was silly, but who wouldn’t want a wish-granting genie in a pink harem outfit? And get this – she starred in a movie called “Harper Valley PTA” in 1978! She’s done a ton of guest spots on TV, too. That net worth of $10 million is well-earned, and it’s cool she’s still doing stuff for charity!

44. Robert Duvall (Age 93): The Actor’s Actor

Robert Duvall, born January 5th, 1931, in San Diego, California, is the kind of actor other actors worship. He’s been in classics like “The Godfather” (1972), “Apocalypse Now” (1979), and even played Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird” way back in 1962. He won an Oscar for “Tender Mercies” in 1983, and that was totally deserved.

The man becomes his character! He even directs, including the critically acclaimed “The Apostle” in 1997. No wonder he’s worth around $70 million! Too bad he’s not the heartthrob type, though – he might be even more famous! But for real movie buffs, he’s an absolute legend.

45. Tippi Hedren (Age 93): The Hitchcock Blonde Turned Big Cat Mama

Tippi Hedren, born January 19th, 1930, in New Ulm, Minnesota, will always be linked to Alfred Hitchcock. Yeah, he was kind of a creep with her on set, but “The Birds” (1963) is one of the scariest, most iconic thrillers ever made. And her role in “Marnie” (1964) was no joke either!

But here’s what’s most impressive – she founded the Shambala Preserve, which is a sanctuary for big cats who’ve been abused in the entertainment industry. It’s pretty inspiring that she uses her fame and fortune (all $20 million of it) to help animals. I have to give her props for that, even if I’m secretly a little scared of those lions and tigers!

46. Robert Wagner (Age 93): Mr. “Hart to Hart” and Hollywood Heartthrob

Robert Wagner, born February 10th, 1930, in Detroit, Michigan, is pure classic Hollywood. He swashbuckled with the best of them in the 1950s in movies like “Prince Valiant” and “Beneath the 12-Mile Reef”. But he really hit his stride on TV, starring in “It Takes a Thief” (1968-1970), “Switch” (1975-1978), and of course, “Hart to Hart” (1979-1984) opposite Stefanie Powers.

Oh, and that troubled marriage to Natalie Wood (twice!) and her mysterious drowning in 1981? People are STILL talking about that! No wonder the guy’s a fixture in Hollywood gossip columns even now. With $15 million in the bank, he clearly knows how to play the long game.

47. Dick Van Dyke (Age 96): The Man Who Does it All

Can Dick Van Dyke, born December 13th, 1925, in West Plains, Missouri, be any more adorable? His sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Show” (1961-1966) was iconic, and his role as Bert (and Mr. Dawes Sr.!) in “Mary Poppins” (1964) cemented his status as a family favorite!

Forget the bad Cockney accent, no one can dance quite like he can – especially in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” (1968). He even did Broadway in the original “Bye Bye Birdie” in 1960! It’s no surprise he’s worth around $50 million. Now he’s focusing on charity work, but you can still catch him in cameos sometimes, like in the “Night at the Museum” films!

48. Bob Barker (Age 98): “The Price is Right” King

Bob Barker, born December 12th, 1923, in Darrington, Washington, will always be the voice saying “Come on down!” He hosted “The Price is Right” for a whopping 35 years, from 1972 to 2007!

Before that, he was on the game show “Truth or Consequences” from 1956 to 1975. He’s also a huge animal rights activist – he always ended “The Price is Right” by reminding everyone to spay and neuter their pets. No wonder he’s got a massive $70 million fortune – he’s been a TV staple for decades!

So, Who’s Your favorite Hollywood Legends?

It’s a tough call, isn’t it? Do you go for Raquel Welch’s timeless beauty or admire the unstoppable spirit of someone like Betty White? Maybe it’s the bad boy charm of George Hamilton or Bill Cosby (yikes, maybe scratch that last one) that gets you intrigued.

happy family watching old Hollywood legends on TV

These stars have survived everything—scandals, comebacks, changing tastes—and somehow, they’re still here, still shining, and still raking in the big bucks. It makes you wonder what secrets they’re hiding, doesn’t it? Hollywood legends never truly fade, do they?