Teofimo Lopez Will Take His Time Over His Next Fight

November 15, 2023
4 months

In the latest boxing news, Teofimo Lopez has revealed that he will take some time to evaluate his options moving forward before he commits to his next fight.

Lopez is the current WBO junior welterweight champion after having beaten Josh Taylor to secure the belt at 140. In the aftermath of that process, Lopez announced his retirement from the sport by confirming that he would not fight unless it was for nine-figure sums.

However, since then, the fighter has gone back on those words by not vacating the belt. But his next opponent is no clearer to being announced, as Lopez admitted that he is focusing on himself and his family for now.

Lopez On His Future

“I bring too many demands and I don’t get nothin’ back. But it’s more than that (monetary reasons for not fighting). I have my son and I haven’t spent time with him, to be honest. You know, he’s about to be two next week. With that being said, I’ve only spent nine months with him. You know what I mean? We don’t have no plans right now. We want to weigh our options. We couldn’t weigh our options when I became undisputed the first time. So I just want to weigh my options this time. I’m talking to everybody—No, I don’t deal with Matchroom or those kind of guys. Nor DAZN. I’m my own promoter,” Lopez said

Lopez’s comments about DAZN touch upon the fighter’s unhappiness with his time on the network. During his only fight on DAZN, Lopez lost to George Kambosos Jr. in a major upset.

The boxer then hit out at DAZN, as well as the decision, and that unhappiness has continued to this day. So much so that Lopez claimed that DAZN would go out of business within five years.

With that being said, Eddie Hearn hit back at the fighter by questioning whether his commercial value lined up with the figures that Lopez was demanding.

Hearn Reacts

“When you boxed Josh Taylor at the same arena [on June 10, 2023], you couldn’t sell it out. So, we know how many tickets you’re going to sell. If you look at the revenue in the park, we can make you an offer. On what planet do you live on if you think that offer should be three or four or five times bigger than what it is? From where do you think this money comes from? That’s the frustrating thing about these conversations,” Hearn

Despite this being the case, Teofimo Lopez Sr. has indicated his wish for his son’s next step. He called on the fighter to have an immediate rematch with Kambosos, given the controversy in their first fight.

But given that Lopez has moved up to 140 pounds since then, there would have to be a move from either fighter in order to make it happen.

In addition, Kambosos may have the win, but the Australian has no belt, leaving question marks over who is the A-side. So, moving forward, Lopez’s future remains unclear. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingblitz.