Taylor vs Catterall 2 Postponed – Taylor Suffers An Eye Injury

March 15, 2024
3 months
Taylor vs Catterall 2 Postponed - Taylor Suffers An Eye Injury

Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall’s fight has been postponed again for the second time. 

Both men were set to run things back after Taylor won the first bout in controversial circumstances. The Scot was granted a split decision win, with may feeling Catterall should have been given the victory. Their rematch was set to take place on April 27, but it has been delayed after Taylor’s eye injury in training.

The boxer underwent surgery to rectify the problem. The rematch will now take place on May 25. This is not the first time that Taylor has withdrawn from this fight with injury. The rematch was initially on course for February 2023.

Taylor pulled out after a foot injury. But rather than facing Catterall on his return, Taylor decided to face Teofimo Lopez. The decision backfired as Taylor lost a unanimous decision. The defeat meant he no longer held any belts after losing his WBO Junior Welterweight Title. But Taylor is desperate to set the narrative straight once he is fully healed. 

Taylor vs Catterall

“I had a minor eye procedure at the beginning of February. A subsequent checkup showed that I was on the right path for April 27. I attended a final checkup yesterday expecting to be signed off by the medical team. However, I was told that my recovery had slowed, and I was advised to postpone the fight,” Taylor said

“All he’s done is stalled the beating he’s going to get and I promise you all I will rid this guy out of boxing once and for all,” Catterall stated

And yet, there is a perception that Taylor cannot make 140 pounds. He has been struggling with injuries lately, showing his body is not as durable as it once was. Although that may be the case, the bad blood has continued since the first fight.

This was seen in the kick-off presser for their rematch. Taylor introduced himself by giving Catterall a colouring book, playing into his narrative that Catterall has learning difficulties. Catterall responded by slapping Taylor. Things became more intense during their face-off when Catterall grabbed Taylor’s throat, forcing security to intervene. During the presser, both fighters had plenty to say.

Bad Blood

“I’ve wanted this fight since the moment the scorecards got read out in Glasgow. A few people say ‘move on Jack’, and that’s easy to say to when you’re not in my position. I get asked every day of my life multiple times a day, ‘when are you fighting Taylor again?’ This isn’t about belts, this is personal to me, and I can’t wait to get my hands on him. I don’t like him, I don’t respect him and … I’m going to end him,” Catterall said 

“I’ve never run from anyone in my life, especially not Jack Catterall. He has spent the last two years running from promoter to promoter while living off my name. Jack should be careful what he wishes for because he’s getting battered,” Taylor stated


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