Tank Davis vs. Haney Full Sparring – ‘He Destroyed Him’

June 17, 2024
1 month
Tank Davis vs. Haney Full Sparring - 'He Destroyed Him'

Fans have reacted to Devin Haney’s sparring with Gervonta Davis, which was fully leaked online. 

The full sparring was posted on the day Davis knocked out Frank Martin to defend his WBA Lightweight Title. The first time fans had seen the sparring was when Ryan Garcia leaked the footage ahead of his fight with Haney. The edited clips showed Davis dominating Haney, who was struggling to keep up. This time, the full sparring clip shows Haney in a much better light. One of the clips showed Haney hitting Davis, who had turned his back from the side of the head. This suggested that the first leak was an edited version designed to show Tank in a better light. Davis was at one point under the Mayweather Promotions banner. 

Davis vs. Haney

“Floyd has been hating a long time. This ain’t just starting. I held my tongue for years because I respect the greats of the sport. But dude is a bonafide hater that doesn’t wanna see nobody win if he’s not a part of it! I know he sent Ryan the sparring [footage] … I know he gave Ryan those ‘pimp’ comments to say [at the press conference]. Miserable old man tried to [originally] stop the fight. Alhamdulillah I’m happy he revealed himself to the world,” Devin Haney stated

While sparring does not tell the whole story since fighters often hold back, the full footage is vital in light of the following. Davis and Mayweather are not on good terms. Since their last public embrace at Tank’s win over Ryan Garcia, they have fallen out. The two have been firing verbal shots at each other. Davis accused Mayweather of jealousy, claiming he was stuck in Dubai because he owed people money.

Davis On Mayweather

Mayweather reacted by posting videos of Davis dancing on social media while sharing a call-out video from Shakur Stevenson demanding the Tank fight. The switch in the sparring footage suggests Mayweather is no longer on Team Davis. Tank has stated something similar when addressing his relationship with Mayweather. Floyd claimed Davis’ fight with Martin was canceled, as Tank hit back. 

“He’s out here scamming people again. Taking money from people again. He’s one of the greats, though. He made a billion dollars from the sport. Where did the money go, Floyd? He said it was canceled, and it’s not true. Keep talking, and I’ll pull up to your house now and lay hands on you,” Davis stated

While Mayweather is dividing opinion among his fellow boxers, he still makes his moves in the ring. He announced his rematch with John Gotti III, which is set for August 24. The first fight ended in controversial circumstances as a brawl broke out.

Mayweather was dominating Gotti, only for the referee to stop the fight. This was after both fighters failed to listen and stop using foul language. But Gotti did not take that well, as he began swinging at Mayweather after the bell. That saw a brawl break out, with Gotti getting a six-month suspension. Now Mayweather has a chance to get his own back. 


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