Tank Davis Could Give Crawford Problems, Davis’ Toughest Fight And More

November 15, 2023
6 months

Gervonta Davis could give Terence Crawford some problems if they did fight each other. 

That is according to Roy Jones Jr. The two boxers were linked with a fight after Davis admitted that he could stop Crawford by claiming he had a ‘glass chin.’

In response, Crawford accepted the proposal by asking Davis to jump up two weight classes at 147. However, in doing so, Crawford admitted that he would not get any credit for beating Tank.

But when it came to the actual fight, Davis retracted his words by stating that it was just ‘Twitter talk.’ And yet, Jones did give Davis a chance if they did ever fight. 

Roy Jones. On Davis

“I don’t see nobody around that’s going to beat him [Terence Crawford] unless it’s somebody way bigger than him, but if he and Tank fought at about 145, that’s a good fight. They both have very high IQs, and Tank is very explosive. That’s the one thing Tank got that Errol [Spence Jr] didn’t have. In boxing, an explosive fighter can go a lot of places,” said Roy. “I was only able to cover the weight that I was able to cover because I was so explosive. “If I wasn’t so explosive, I wouldn’t have been able to cover that much weight. Explosiveness keeps people in check,” Roy Jones

Nevertheless, weight classes do exist for a reason. And since Davis has never fought at 147, taking on the fight against the best would be a high risk.

In addition, given that Davis often imposes rehydration clauses against bigger fighters, getting Crawford to do the same would be difficult. After all, Bud admitted that making 147 was difficult for him too, just like Errol Spence Jr.

Equally, Mikey Garcia jumped up two weight classes to take on Errol Spence Jr. However, the Mexican was dominated in a one-sided fight as he never inflicted any serious damage on Spence. And with Crawford having good defensive skills, it would be hard for Davis to make serious inroads. 

His Toughest Fight

Meanwhile, Gervonta Davis has revealed that he can only be defeated if he lets himself get the better of him. Davis is currently undefeated with a record 29-0, with 27 wins by knockout.

His last fight was a seventh-round stoppage win over Ryan Garcia, as he became the ‘face of boxing.’ The bout sold over a reported 1.2 million pay-per-views as Davis opened up the doors for much bigger fights.

Fights with Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson could follow as the two fighters are at 135 and 140 pounds respectively. Stevenson, in particular, is seen as the biggest test that Tank could face. Although that may be the case, Davis has dismissed the idea of anyone beating him. 

“The only person that could beat me is Gervonta Davis. Those others cannot touch me at all,” Davis

This was most recently seen when Davis was taken to prison for violating the terms of his house arrest in relation to a hit-and-run. The boxer failed to stay at his coach, Calvin Ford’s home, at all times.

Thereafter, the authorities discovered that Tank had done this without telling the authorities. And that just goes on to show that Davis’ personal life is something he needs to keep in check. But provided that he does that, he will be in a good position to move forward. 

Davis’ Next Fight

Naturally, then, the attention will turn towards his comeback fight. He has been linked with a rematch against Isaac Cruz. The pair last fought each other in 2021 as the bout went the distance.

Despite Tank winning via a unanimous decision, Cruz was praised for not getting stopped. And yet, in the aftermath of the fight, Davis admitted that he had injured his hand during the fight.

Therefore, there were question marks over how well Cruz had performed. Although it is not the biggest fight out there for Tank, he cannot be expected to have a mega fight after just being released from prison. And that is why his coach, Calvin Ford, has earmarked Cruz as an opponent.

“My thing is Pitbull. Devin is moving up. Shakur & Lomachenko will probably do it [fight for the vacant WBC lightweight title] next year. Right now, until I see something in writing and they tell us the direction we’re going, that’s where we’re going at,” Ford

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