Tank Blocks Bill Haney On IG: Ellerbe Says Hearn Is Excluded From Davis-Haney Fight Talks

December 19, 2023
4 months
Tank Blocks Bill Haney On IG: Ellerbe Says Hearn Is Excluded From Davis-Haney Fight Talks

Gervonta Davis has blocked Bill Haney on Instagram following their back-and-forth over making the Devin Haney fight.

Bill first instigated the war of words by claiming that Davis turned down a guarantee of $20 million. This fed into the narrative that Davis was ducking Haney, an accusation the latter made following his win over Regis Prograis.

Eddie Hearn also contacted Davis via a DM on Instagram to begin negotiations for a fight. Davis rejected the idea by urging the other side to contact Al Haymon if they were serious about the fight. Bill Haney has continued to call for the fight, which has resulted with Davis blocking him.

Haney On Davis

“Y’all guys stop tagging Tank because he got me blocked. So stop tagging him, don’t tag him. Tag the ‘Face of Boxing,’ Devin Haney. Yeah, he blocked me. How is he going to block me when I’m part of the promotion and promoting the fight. I’m saying everybody should tag him to say the same thing that you’re doing there. “How is he going to block a guy when I’m bringing in. Yeah, he blocked me after $20 million. I mention $20 million and then get blocked. You know what time it is,” Bill said

Bill’s approach towards making the fight has ruffled a few feathers. The same can be said regarding Leonard Ellerbe’s response towards Eddie Hearn. The CEO of Mayweather Promotions hit back at Hearn by making it clear he was in no position to make offers since Davis was the A-side.

Ellerbe On Hearn

In addition, Ellerbe ruled out working with Hearn directly, even if there was an offer for a fight in Saudi Arabia. The two promoters have been rivals for a prolonged period. Following PBC’s deal with Amazon Prime Video, the focus will be to secure the biggest fights on their network.

Any offers from Hearn will likely be for fights on DAZN, something Davis won’t take up. Unlike Haney, Davis has never fought on another platform not linked with PBC. Haney, meanwhile, has fought on ESPN and DAZN, showing he is willing to crossover for the biggest fights. But Ellerbe was not entertaining any involvement from Hearn.

“One thing for certain if Tank decides he wants to fight in Saudi, Tank will deal directly and he damn sure won’t have anything to do with it. Just like (Hearn) tried to insert himself in the Ryan fight, you see how that played out.

“Also, if Tank and Haney fight, the offer will come from Tank on his terms and it will be made directly to them and he won’t have anything to do with it, that for sure. (Hearn) tried to insert himself in Tank and Ryan, it ain’t never happening buddy. Can’t offer Tank s**t, if Tank wants to fight there, he’ll do it directly, tf would somebody need him to be in the middle of it for, gtfoh,” Ellerbe stated

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