Spence Is Not The ‘Same Fighter’ Following His Car Crashes

June 26, 2024
3 weeks
Spence Is Not The 'Same Fighter' Following His Car Crashes

Errol Spence Jr. is no longer the same fighter following car crashes. 

That is according to Sebastian Fundora. Spence suffered two car crashes, one of which resulted in a detached retina. Before facing Terence Crawford, there were suggestions that this could have had an impact heading into the fight. Those worries were dismissed. However, Crawford dominated the fight. He sent Spence to the canvas three times before he was stopped in round nine.

After the fight, Spence underwent cataract surgery on his right eye. He claimed that his vision problems meant he was hot more times than usual. Crawford distanced himself from the rematch, leaving Spence looking elsewhere. Reports indicated that Spence could face Fundora in October. Spence was ringside when Fundora beat Tim Tszyu. They got in the ring afterwards, with Spence saying he wanted the fight. While there has been no official announcement, Fundora felt Spence was not the same fighter he used to be. 

Fundora On Spence

“The power still could be there. I seen a couple of videos of him doing mits and all that. It’s just not the same anymore,” Sebastian Fundora said 

There are suggestions that Spence could retire. He is already planning for his life outside of boxing. Spence signed Frank Martin under his management company as he took his steps into promotion. He attended the presser for Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin. However, Martin could not deliver, as Davis stopped him in round eight.

Spence is also without a trainer since leaving Derrick James. James has sued him for underpaid earnings relating to the Crawford fight. James claims he was owed 10 percent from the $25 million guarantee and PPV money from the Crawford fight. They are now in court in order to resolve the dispute. Spence has admitted that the car crashes were tough to deal with as he plans his future. 

Will Spence Fight Again?

“But I like the promoter side. I feel like it might be my calling a little bit, being a promoter and looking at the young guys coming up and helping them get to the top of their level, because that’s where we at right now. He [Martin]’s at the top right now, and once he’s at the top, you’re the man. A lot of people take it lightly just because I came back and fought and all that but that’s serious stuff.

“It’s not too many people that go high speed in a Ferrari and get thrown from a Ferrari, land on solid concrete and still be here to talk today, still survive, still be coherent and everything. That was traumatic and a brutal experience that I went through…I’ve [always] been rating him (Crawford) high, I’ve rated him super high. It definitely wasn’t my night, but you know I definitely want to get that back,” Spence stated

Although that may be the case, Spence has still not made any decisions about his future. He has to decide if he wants to go out on a loss. The former Unified Welterweight Champion may be best positioned to take one more fight to secure a win and then call it a day. But in truth, Spence must do what is best for him. 


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