Spence Crawford Rematch Not Guaranteed, Thurman Dismisses Bud’s Win, AJ-Wilder Off

November 15, 2023
6 months

Terence Crawford could derail a potential rematch with Errol Spence Jr. based on the terms that he would require. 

Bud stopped Spence in the ninth round to become the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era. Thereafter, Spence exercised his right to a rematch.

The terms of the fight allowed the winner to decide the weight class. Spence had indicated that he preferred a rematch at 154, however, Crawford will ultimately decide. 

Therefore, a scenario could emerge where Crawford demands the fight at 147, making things more complicated for Spence. However, even if the fight was done at 154, Crawford could command a larger split of the purse in order to reflect that. 

And this has the consequence of putting Spence in a very difficult position. 

Spence-Crawford Rematch

“So it going to be up to Terence Crawford [to select the weight for the rematch with Spence]. If he wants to fight at 154, then no problem at all.  But if Crawford decides he wants Errol Spence to make some concessions to move the weight up, then there will have to be some sort of negotiations, and I could definitely see some issues there. 

“With the rematch clause and the purse splits already decided ahead of time. This fighter, X, gets more if he wins, and so forth. So, I don’t think it’s going to be cut & dried to change that weight,” Mike Coppinger

Thurman On Crawford’s Win

Meanwhile, Keith Thurman has downplayed Terence Crawford’s victory over Errol Spence Jr. Bud dominated Spence in a one-sided fight to become undisputed in a second weight class after having done the same at 140.

Thereafter, several excuses were suggested by those not connected to Spence over the reasons for the loss. A weight cut at 147 no being longer possible was mentioned.

Meanwhile, Spence’s two prior car crashes were also put out there as a possible reason for the fighter being flat. And all of this had the impact of taking away the achievement that Bud had managed to achieve. And now Thurman appears to be following in the same steps. 

“[Crawford] didn’t beat up a real champion, kid. Everybody knows that if you put Thurman in the ring on that night, Thurman wipes that Spence, that Errol. He gets wiped by many people.

“I don’t think that Errol Spence would beat Shawn Porter. God blessed you, kid. Everybody knows in boxing that it’s timing. There’s an old saying – one day you got it, the next day you don’t,” Thurman

Nevertheless, Bud has managed to achieve more than Thurman’s career. Despite the latter being a former unified welterweight champion, Bud has managed to become undisputed in two weight classes: 140 and 147.

In addition, Thurman has only fought three fights since 2019, showing that his lack of activity has reduced his star power. As such, Crawford has no intention of fighting ‘One Time.’ 

“My how the tables have turned. Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman will never and I mean never get a shot at the top dog and that’s me. Y’all hoe assess didn’t want any smoke when I wanted to fight, remember? Now y’all want to fight so bad – go keep fighting each other like before,” Crawford wrote on social media on Tuesday. 

“It’s funny how all these fighters want to fight now but back then all they could say was I haven’t fought nobody. Now they begging looking for a check. Can’t make this up,” Crawford stated

AJ-Wilder Off?

Meanwhile, another fight is not guaranteed to go ahead. Frank Warren has confirmed that an Anthony Joshua vs. Deontay Wilder fight will not be happening. 

Talks over a fight with AJ and Wilder first emerged around 2019 when a potential undisputed heavyweight championship fight was on the line.

However, talks broke down as both fighters went their separate ways. Joshua lost his belts to Andy Ruiz Jr. while Wilder lost his WBC belt to Tyson Fury.

However, talks over the fight re-emerged with suggestions that Saudi Arabia were intent on hosting the fight. Despite Eddie Hearn confirming that terms had been agreed, a contract has not yet been received. And now Warren has doubts over the fight going ahead. 

“The Deontay Wilder & Anthony Joshua situation. I know their people had conversations and thought that it would happen, but I never thought it would happen, and it’s not,” Warren

In response, Warren has called on Joshua to face Daniel Dubois. The latter was recently involved in a fight with Oleksandr Usyk as the Brit was stopped in the ninth round.

Although that may be the case, Dubois was close to securing a victory after having put Usyk on the ground in the fifth round. But since it was declared a low-blow, the rest was history. And now Warren has called for Joshua to face Dubois in what would be a major domestic clash.

“I’ll tell you a good fight if that doesn’t happen. You know what would be a good fight in the UK and people would buy tickets to watch it and we’ll see who is the biggest puncher and who has got the biggest heart? Him [Joshua] and Daniel Dubois. That would sell out anywhere,” Warren

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