Soldier Comes Home After Deployment, Plans to File Divorce After a Bathroom Surprise

April 20, 2024
2 months

What was supposed to be a happy surprise coming home to his wife led to Miles Osborne being the one surprised… and definitely not for the better! After spending two years being deployed, returning back home was something that had kept his days going.

Miles did not expect to find out the shocking revelation about his wife, let alone the revelation leading to the end of their five years of marriage!

Coming Home

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This was it! As the plane landed, Miles couldn’t help the huge smile on his face. Despite not having someone to welcome him unlike all his other friends, a few more hours of waiting to be reunited with his wife was definitely worth it.

Just picturing her reaction after being surprised that Miles is finally home… he can’t wait to see it!

Planning the Surprise

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All of his family thought that Miles wouldn’t be home for another week. He knows well enough that his mother would desperately want to welcome him at the airport. But, feeling a great longing for his wife, he wanted to have an extra week just being with her before finally visiting his family.

With all the calls and letter exchanges, Miles had been bragging to his friends about the woman waiting for him back at home.

Paling in Comparison

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What made Miles appreciate his wife, Mona, more was how she never failed to respond to his letters. Despite having a great distance between them, Miles never felt even just a speck of pulling back.

Their relationship had been stronger than ever, a rare gem as told by his peers. After all, their partners either separated from them because of their absence, or even worse, found another one!

Right Here

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As their house became more visible for Miles, he couldn’t help but feel the excitement surging through his body. He longed to wrap his arms around Mona, and just make up for the time they lost with Miles being deployed so far away.

Miles tipped the taxi driver and got out, taking in the sight of their home. What welcomed him was not what he was expecting.


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Miles expected Mona to open the door, once he rang the doorbell. He can just imagine how excited she’ll be too to see him, standing on their doorstep after all.

After waiting for a few minutes and ringing the doorbell five times, there was no answer. Miles frowned and looked at the time, it was just an hour short after lunch. Did Mona leave the house?

Not Expected

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Seeming as if there was no one opening the door for him, Miles used his key instead, helping himself enter their home. The lights were off, and it seemed as if Mona was indeed out for the day.

It was unusual because Mona texted him a while ago with their usual daily check-ins, and she did not mention anything about going out of the house. Where could she be?

In Trouble?

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Miles couldn’t help the things he was imagining. It became even worse, as Mona was unresponsive through text or call. She always responds within at least 10 minutes right after Miles makes contact!

Getting worried, Miles decided to ask his mother subtly, as she lives just a town away and had always checked in on Mona. Her reply made him feel worse.


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According to his mother, she hasn’t talked to Mona for two weeks now. That makes Miles the only one who’s been in contact with Mona recently, at least via text. There was no one to check with on Mona’s side of the family, as she had been orphaned as a child.

Miles tried to run through the possibilities. What was supposed to be a happy moment for him went down fast!

10 Comforting Thoughts

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Maybe she just went out? It’s not as if she’s obligated to tell Miles everything! He’s only been home for less than two hours, he’s just overthinking things.

After almost an hour of trying to shake off his worries, Miles focused on what to do with this time alone in the house. He could settle in already before Mona comes home. Then, he thought of something that might greatly surprise her.

Feeling Weird

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Mona Osborne wouldn’t admit it out loud, but knowing that her husband would be coming back home in a week was somehow making her nervous. 

She couldn’t tell the reason why, it’s as if she had forgotten something she should have remembered. There had to be a reason why she was a bit nervous when she should be jumping in excitement, as this moment was literally the one she’d been waiting for two years!

Reason Why

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After sending one text to her husband, she went out for the day. Mona kept trying to remember what she forgot, the reason why she was feeling so scared and nervous instead of excited. 

She had one week to prepare for her husband’s homecoming! Mona thought she had to get it together so that she’d be her best self when Miles came home.

Free Time

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With the time Miles has before Mona comes home, he thinks of a brilliant idea. He immediately set out for the stores, searching for the things he could possibly need. 

He took Mona’s unexpected absence as an opportunity to surprise her more than ever! After spending an hour searching for the things he needed, he finally went home to execute his plan. Little did he know things were about to change.

A Romantic Sight

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Miles stepped back to take in his masterpiece. He covered the house with rose petals, Mona’s favorite flower. He made sure to buy her favorite food and wine, setting up a romantic dinner at home.

Now, all he needs to do is wait for Mona to arrive home.

All Forgotten

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Somehow, with all the preparation Miles made during the free time he had made him forget about his initial worries. He forgot that he was so paranoid earlier after seeing an empty house!

To wrap things up, Miles decided to finally change his clothes and take a bath. But what he saw shook him…

The Discovery

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As Miles stepped into their bathroom, things were at their usual place, save for a few new products Mona had probably discovered through the years he’d been gone.

There was nothing unusual, not that Miles looked specifically for anything weird. Then, as he was stepping out, something caught his eye.

Shocking Note

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There was a note on top of the toilet tank, something he had not noticed upon entering. It was so odd to him for so many reasons.

Why did Mona leave a note right in the bathroom of all places? Miles picked the paper up. After reading what was inside, he had to scream to let out his sudden surge of emotions.

A Secret Well-Kept

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Of course, with all the years Miles had been gone, how foolish had he been to not think of this possibility?! He was seeing things in rose-colored glasses and he hated himself for it.

Written down on the note, Miles was so sure it was not Mona’s handwriting. A man has written a message for him saying, “I slept with your wife.”

Betrayal Stings

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How could Mona do this to him? At first, Miles was in disbelief. But after registering the implications of the note with what Mona has been doing over the past years he was gone, he couldn’t help the rage he was feeling.

When he got out of the bathroom, that’s when he saw proofs littering their bedroom.

20 Blinded by Rage

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There were lots of things he did not notice. The unmade bed, the stains on the pillow!

There were men’s clothes on one chair that was definitely not his. More than that, some of his clothes were on the dirty rack, clothes he couldn’t have worn because he just got back from deployment! How could he have not seen this minutes ago?

In Haste

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After getting dressed, Miles went around the house, looking for more evidence about Mona’s betrayal.

Their home was now ruined. His coming home was ruined. All his efforts were wasted. He should have known Mona wasn’t unlike all the women his friends had. Eventually, she’d be seeking more with other men!

Taking it Down

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As he was searching, Miles thought of one thing he should do first. He should take down the romantic setup he did before, as Mona certainly did not deserve it!

But before he could do that, the familiar sound of car parking in front of their house filled his ears. Staring at the window, he saw Mona’s car closing in the house. There was no time for him to take everything down.


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Miles watched as the door opened. To think, he was even worried about her in the first place! He watched as Mona took in the rose petals with a frown on her face, taking in the sight Miles set up for her.

Then, her eyes finally landed on him, but he knew she could see how unhappy he was. If the evidence weren’t enough, the look of horror on Mona’s face confirmed everything for Miles.

Letting it Out

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“You’re here!” Mona exclaimed, looking at him with big eyes. She tried to school her features, and Miles could see she was struggling to look happy.

Miles did not say anything back. Instead, he went closer to her and handed her the note that he saw back in the bathroom.


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Unsurprisingly, it led to a screaming match. Miles couldn’t control the heartbreak he felt, and for the first time since their wedding, he cried. But he couldn’t help it, as Mona just broke his trust!

When their yells died down, Miles heard something from Mona that made him completely stop. He did not know what to think of it, but his initial reaction was to not believe it. The evidence was literally staring right back at him around the house.

Was it Over?

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“Someone’s framing me!” Should Miles listen to Mona? Miles just stared at his wife, not giving her the satisfaction that she could convince him with her lies. His silence was taken by Mona as a signal to keep talking.

She talked about someone entering the house and Miles had to stop himself from panicking over Mona’s safety. Then she said something that made him laugh out loud. “It’s your Mom, Miles.”

What’s the Truth?

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“Desperation doesn’t suit you!” Miles said, angry at Mona’s attempt to even ruin his relationship with his mother. But Mona did not say anything. Instead, she walked away and Miles thought that was her giving up.

But then… she came back, with clips from their CTTVs as evidence. And Miles couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

The Bitter Truth

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Mona filled Miles with proof that backed up her accusation. How could this happen? He always thought his mother approved of Mona. He always thought they had a great-going relationship, something he used to be thankful for.

“Are you kidding me, Miles? Your mother hates me. She keeps telling me she’ll break us up, even after we get married. Especially then!”

Not the Reality

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After keeping quiet for a few minutes, Miles hugged Mona in apology. He couldn’t believe he almost broke their marriage after accusing Mona over a note he wasn’t even sure who’s it from when he first saw it.

Then he called his mother. Miles couldn’t believe his mother’s admission of her actions, and he couldn’t believe that she wasn’t even sorry for it!

Making Up

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When Miles finished the call with his mother, something he was a bit sure would be the last time he called her, he turned back his attention to Mona.

After all the screaming, they continued with the romantic dinner Miles planned for him. His day almost got ruined, but he was happy everything fell back into place.