Shakur Will Expose Tank Davis – Says Tim Bradley

November 17, 2023
4 months

In some top boxing news today, Tim Bradley expects Gervonta Davis to come up short when he faces Shakur Stevenson.

The latter is currently preparing to face Frank De Los Santos for the WBC vacant belt at 135. A win for Stevenson will make him a three-division champion, thus increasing the calls for a fight with Davis.

As of now, a fight between the pair does not appear getting close to being made. Davis’ coach, Calvin Ford, admitted that the financials involved in the fight would not make sense.

Meanwhile, Stevenson admitted that he is not in a position to make offers for the fight since Davis is the A-side. After all, the latter is the bigger name.

And yet, Bradley felt that Davis’ team were keeping him away from Shakur on the grounds that he would end up being exposed at the highest level.

In doing so, Bradley drew parallels with how Errol Spence Jr. had been beaten so comprehensively against Terence Crawford in a fight that was long overdue.

Bradley On Tank

“Tank is going to get exposed soon. If he gets in there with the right guy like Shakur Stevenson, he going to get exposed. I’m noticing a pattern with a lot of the PBC fighters. Inactivity is one of them. When they do get in there with a live dog, and they get hit in the face, they all bow out. A lot of the guys do. When things get hot in there, and he can’t have his way, you can beat him. A guy like Shakur Stevenson, if he were to get in there and hit him and not get hit, he [Gervonta] would definitely fold under pressure. That’s what I feel,” Bradley said

Stevenson On Haney

Much in the same way, Devin Haney has been accused of avoiding Stevenson following his decision to move up to 140 and take on Regis Prograis for the latter’s WBC belt.

And since Shakur was the WBC mandatory, Haney was stripped of the belt and elevated to the status of a ‘champion in recess.’ That has given Haney the chance to come back down to face the holder of the WBC belt. However, for Shakur, the fighter does not see that happening at all.

“No, he’s not coming back down. He’s just talking. He’s pump-faking all of y’all to make it sound good with the media. He’s very good with the media. That’s what he like to do. He’ll tell y’all, ‘Oh, I’ll come back down,’ but he just went in an interview that he’s not going to fight Tank at 135. He’ll fight him at 140. So, he’ll fight me at 135. Haney likes to give y’all a whole bunch of bull s**t to make y’all feel good. I never heard no three offers. We never got the first part [when Haney offered him a 75-25 deal, which was rejected]. The first part was when they came to me with the bull s**t. I’m like, ‘Okay, cool. WBC, what’s up,” Stevenson

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