Sean O’Malley Is Open To Boxing Ryan Garcia

November 15, 2023
5 months

In today’s boxing news, Sean O’Malley, the current UFC bantamweight champion, has revealed that he would be willing to face Ryan Garcia in a boxing match.

O’Malley first entertained the idea of trying to get into a boxing match with Gervonta Davis following his win over Aljamain Sterling.

Although that may have been the case, Davis’ camp warned O’Malley against the idea on the basis that the UFC fighter would suffer some serious damage. Thereafter, Devin Haney also warned the MMA fighter not to take up a boxing bout.

“It’s not the best thing for Sean O’Malley to get into a boxing ring with me. It’s just, it’s not. It won’t be competitive. It won’t be competitive. But I respect him in the cage, what he does in the cage. He’s a hell of a fighter in the cage. But when you step into that square circle, the boxing ring, it’s a totally different thing,” Haney revealed 

This was after O’Malley confirmed that he could ‘break’ Haney only to then dismiss the fight on the basis that the ‘Dream’ was not a big name.

“The thing about Devin Haney is like, I’m not trying to throw shade or anything, but I’ve legit literally never watched him box one fight ever. I didn’t even really know who he was until more recent. Like him, Gervonta, there’s a guy named like Shakur (Stevenson). I talked to the UFC about a potential boxing fight someday, and they were like, ‘No one knows Devin Haney. There’s a 0 percent chance that ever happens. He’s just not a star. No one knows him,” Haney

But when it came to Garcia, himself, the UFC fighter was open to doing such a thing.

“I know that, I feel that, I know that I’m going to box one day. Those guys aren’t really pay-per-view guys, they don’t really sell, they said the Ryan Garcia’s, like if any of them were ever to be a fight, like he would be the one that has the most potential for me. As far as just a big pay-per-view. The UFC said if it makes us money, we’ll do it,” O’Malley

Those comments are understandable given the huge-pulling power that Garcia has shown. The boxer sold over a reported 1.2 million PPVs as part of his bout with Gervonta Davis. And in the process of doing so, Garcia earned a reported $30 million.

With that being said, there is a possibility that O’Malley could face Garcia given the recent success of Francis Ngannou’s bout with Tyson Fury.

The former UFC heavyweight champion put on a remarkable performance against the Gypsy King to last the distance with the WBC heavyweight champion of the world on his boxing debut.

And as part of that process, Fury was dropped in the third round as Ngannou continued to land. Even though Ngannou came out second best on the scorecards, both Carl Froch and Carl Frampton had given the decision to him.

And that could give O’Malley some much-needed confidence moving forward. Find all the latest boxing news and MMA breaking updates on boxingblitz.