Savannah Marshall Outlines Her PFL Ambitions

November 15, 2023
6 months

Savannah Marshall has opened up on her PFL ambitions moving forward. 

The undisputed super middleweight champion recently signed a multi-fight deal that would see her make her MMA debut in 2024.

And as part of that process, Savannah follows in the footsteps of other big names such as Claressa Shields, Francis Ngannou, Amanda Serrano and Jake Paul.

Although there is a chance that Marshall could end up facing Shields in the PFL, the former made it clear that her main priority is still boxing. 

Marshall On The PFL

“I’ve boxed her in the ring and I’m chasing her to another sport. She said something along the lines of ‘I hate you, but I love you.’ It’s one of them things. I bet she’s sick of the sight of me now. Even taking Claressa out of the equation the opportunity [to do the deal with PFL] is just too good for me to miss.

“I’ll be focusing on the boxing when I’m boxing and then when I’m not boxing, I’ll be focusing on this full-time. Boxing’s my main priority. This is just a little adventure.

“I won’t be boxing till next year and then I’ve got mandatories and things like that, so it’s all geared around boxing. So hopefully back in the ring early next year and then potentially the summer,” Marshall

Green On Marshall

Those comments are understandable when we look at Marshall’s mandatory situation. Her current WBC mandatory is Shadasia Green who remains unbeaten with a record of 13-0, 11 of which have come by way of knockout. And with her undisputed titles on the line, Marshall will have to be on her best form to keep a hold of those belts.

After all, Green has made it clear that she is here to win at at all costs. Her following comments confirmed as much.

“I would be delighted to come to the UK. The UK is a great base for women’s boxing. They highlight, they love women’s boxing and it would only be befitting if I came over to her hometown where she sells a lot. I know the fans won’t like me as much but after I’m victorious and I take the belts and I’m respected, they will love me. And I will love that,” Green

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