Ryan Garcia’s PED Test Outcome To Be Decided This Week – Here’s What Could Happen

June 19, 2024
1 month
Ryan Garcia's PED Test Outcome To Be Decided This Week - Here's What Could Happen

Ryan Garcia will decide this week over what the New York State Athletic Commission will do over failed PED tests. 

Garcia failed two VADA tests for Ostarine after urine samples taken on April 19/20 detected the substance. The findings mean his win over Devin Haney is now in doubt. Ostarine is banned because it allows fighters to increase their stamina/ muscle while burning fat. Garcia denies any intentional usage. So far, he has submitted a negative hair follicle test. He has also provided supplements which tested positive for Ostarine.

The hair follicle test has been questioned since Ostarine works differently from other PEDs, thus influencing whether it would show up on a follicle test. Garcia’s supplements were also unsealed. Garcia would need to show sealed supplements from the same lot number/manufacturer with the substance to prove contamination from supplements. Strict liability means boxers are held to account for what they consume. Haney’s team has requested that the result become a no-contest, with Haney getting the win. With that being said, here is what could happen.

Garcia’s Outcomes

Garcia could receive a small suspension because he is a well-known boxer. Garcia brings many eyes to the sport since he is a crossover star. His fight with Gervonta Davis sold over 1.2 million PPVs, making a 3-6 month ban possible as the sport would miss out on his popularity. There could also be a long-term ban. Amir Khan also tested positive for Ostarine after his loss to Kell Brook. Khan had a smaller amount in his system than Garcia, yet he received a two-year ban. 

Garcia could end up receiving a big fine. He alleged that he bet $2 million on himself to beat Haney, earning himself $12 million. If this was done using PEDs, there is a case for a fine. Garcia could also not see his purse get paid. The fight reportedly earned Garcia $50 million, but if PEDs were intentionally used, there may be grounds to take financial action.

Garcia’s reputation has already been damaged. There are now question marks over whether Garcia had been using banned substances for some time. His body transformation between the Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney fights was huge. His social media activity has also not helped. Garcia claimed the amount in his system did not contribute to enhanced performance. Caleb Plant then asked Garcia why he took it. Ryan bashed the boxer’s wife, as Plant threw a drink at him while at the Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin fight. 

Further Outcomes

Garcia is one of the most popular boxers when it comes to endorsements. He has deals with Gatorade and Armani. He also recently released some new music, all of which require major backing. If Garcia cannot earn money from boxing, then the money from sponsorships is even more vital. 

If Garcia receives a big ban, it will damage his career. He was already out of the sport for around two years after beating Luke Campbell. Garcia cited mental health as the reason. Another big layoff will only damage him as he enters the prime of his career. 

Garcia could be required to sign up for rehabilitation programs. The WBC does have its Clean Boxing Programme. To be ranked in the top 15, boxers must be enrolled. Garcia will face further scrutiny when he takes on other boxers. Fighters will demand further testing to ensure that Garcia does not come into the ring with unfair advantages. With so many outcomes, Garcia’s career is on the line. 


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