Ryan Garcia’s B Sample Has Been Opened; He Tests Positive Again – What Does This Mean?

May 23, 2024
4 weeks
Ryan Garcia’s B Sample Has Been Opened - What Does This Mean?

Ryan Garcia’s B sample has been opened, as he has tested positive again. 

Garcia failed two VADA tests for Ostarine following his win over Devin Haney. Urine samples were taken on the day before the fight and on the day of the fight. The substance is known for helping boxers increase muscle and stamina and lose weight. Garcia rejects suggestions that he took PEDs intentionally. He controversially claimed it was a set-up, calling out various people, including Victor Conte and Eddie Hearn.

Ryan referenced Conte’s association with VADA as a worrying sign, given his history. Conte was infamously arrested for money laundering and attempting to distribute steroids through his previous company, BALCO. Garcia did not take kindly to Hearn’s decision to back Haney. The promoter, however, did want Garcia to prove his innocence. The B sample has now confirmed the results of the A sample, making Garcia test positive for Ostarine. This has various implications.

What Does This Mean?

VADA is considered the gold standard of testing in boxing. Garcia will face a tough time to simply argue the tests were wrong. Garcia faces a battle to prove his innocence. He would have to show that his supplements or food had been contaminated. He has already given all his supplements to the relevant authorities for testing. His attorney has already said that the amount of Ostarine found in his system is not enough to have performance-enhancing benefits. 

Even if that is the case, strict liability applies. This means boxers are held to account for what they put inside their system. This is, regardless of intention, designed to make boxers more careful in their preparation. That could still see Garcia get a ban of some sort, with a possibility of the result becoming a no-contest. Haney’s team has already requested that Garcia be disqualified and give Haney the win. 

Conor Benn recently discovered the problems with strict liability, as UKAD and the BBBofC suspended him. The boxer first alleged contamination. Then, reports indicated that his team were focusing on jurisdiction. This was the idea that UKAD could not enforce VADA findings. UKAD and BBBofC fought that argument, winning an appeal. Garcia must not get stuck in a countless legal battle that will only stall his career. Benn has not boxed in the UK since 2022 and is no longer considered a big name. Based on Garcia’s following comments, things are taking a toll on him. 

Garcia’s Mindset

“When I’m seriously talking about it I feel a little hurt and damaged by the accusations that are put on me because I know for fact that I’m not a cheater, never been a cheater. I’m dead hurt. I’ve put in so much work in my whole life, since I was seven years old, and it’s just one of my greatest victories is now being, you know, has a little bit of an asterisk because of a lie.

“A lie is a lie, the truth is the truth, and this is a lie. So I’m generally hurt. I cry at night sometimes knowing that they’re trying to taint my victory..They found like a billionth, trillionth of a gram in my system — that’s even crazier. What would that do?,” Garcia said 


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