Ryan Garcia Warns Hollywood Actor Shia LaBeouf For Disrespecting Him – ‘You Don’t Know Me, Clown’

February 27, 2024
2 months
Ryan Garcia Warns Hollywood Actor Shia LaBeouf For Disrespecting Him - 'You Don’t Know Me, Clown'

Ryan Garcia has hit out at Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf for his comments about him which were made to boxer Carl Froch

Froch is well aware of the actor as he is training him and Toby Kebbell for their boxing drama Salvable. The film is based on the character Sal, whose boxing days are behind him now that he is 40. Sal now has a new opportunity, as he can enter illegal boxing via his friend Vince. But in doing so, he risks damaging his relationship with Molly, his daughter. Froch has previously mentioned his desire to enter into acting. 

“I’m dipping my toe in the water for a bit of acting. I’ve just been reading the script [on Friday] morning, so it may come to fruition or it may not. It’s crime in London, it’s all going off and there’s terrorists going off, and Jason’s tackling it through the Metropolitan Police,” Froch said

Now LaBeouf was being interviewed by the former super middleweight champion, during which he was asked about his view on boxing. LaBeouf liked the lightweight division, praising Shakur Stevenson and Gervonta Davis. However, when it came to Ryan Garica, LaBeouf had a negative perception of the fighter. He accused Ryan of quitting against Tank Davis. 

LaBeouf Vs. Garcia

“Right now, Gervonta Davis. He’s electrifying. [I like] him, Shakur, like that whole weight class, that whole division. Other than Ryan, all of those guys – that they promote are fire…I don’t like that Ryan guy. I heard a story about his girl. [She] got pregnant, gave birth, and then he divorced her the next day. I thought you’re garbage…Even if you feel that way, dog, wait a minute. She just got out of the hospital room,” LaBeouf said 

Garcia did not take those comments well, as he hit back at the actor by vowing to beat him up. 

“Imagine me beating Shia Labeouf’s a**, ima really Transform him to pudding. You don’t know me clown. How the heck you hate me. You can’t rap either. You aren’t like that,” Garcia replied 

Garcia On O’Malley

This is not the only person Garcia has rubbed up the wrong way. The UFC Bantamweight Champion Sean O’Malley has been trading verbal shots with Garcia as talk over a boxing fight gathers pace. O’Malley is preparing to face Marlon Vera at UFC 299 in March to avenge his only loss. In and amongst this, O’Malley expressed his desire to fight Garcia. 

“If I ever do a boxing match I think it’ll be similar to when Conor [McGregor] fought Floyd [Mayweather]. When it’s the pay-per-view king in the UFC vs another pay-per-view king in boxing. So, Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis, those are two guys I could see myself potentially boxing in five, six years. I truly believe I could beat one of those guys. It would be a very difficult challenge,” O’Malley revealed 

Garcia hit back, stating he was ready to fight O’Malley. 

“I’d fight Sean O’Malley in the UFC that’s it but Dana you’d have to cut me that real check,” Garcia said.

“Brother I KILL YOU within minutes,” O’Malley replied

“Alright rainbow head, There is only one way to find out… Dana let’s do this,” Garcia stated 


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