Ryan Garcia Says He’s ‘Officially Retired’ – Is He Banned?

June 20, 2024
3 weeks
Ryan Garcia Says He's 'Officially Retired' - Is He Banned?

Ryan Garcia has said he is officially retired, raising question marks over his failed VADA tests.

Garcia failed two VADA tests for Ostarine following his win over Devin Haney, as he faces a battle to prove his innocence. The substance is outlawed as it gives unfair advantages of increasing muscle, stamina and burning fat. Garcia made it clear that he did not take anything intentionally. He has so far undertaken a hair follicle test, which came back negative. This was done to rule out long-term PED usage.

However, since Ostarine does not work in the same manner as other PEDs, the findings have been questioned. Garcia also submitted his supplements, which he believed were contaminated. They tested positive for Ostarine. However, the problem is that they were unsealed. Garcia had to show sealed supplements from the same manufacturer and lot number of the substance to rule out contamination from other sources. Devin Haney’s legal team have asked The New York State Athletic Commission to disqualify Garcia and give Haney the win. The Commission will decide this week over what punishment to give out. 

Amir Khan received a two-year ban after testing positive for Ostarine. He had a smaller amount in his system than Ryan. While he proved it was not intentional, he still received a ban due to strict liability. Garcia has already been out of the sport for a long period after taking a break following his win over Luke Campbell. He cited mental health as a serious concern. Now, it appears he has retired. 

Garcia’s Retirement

Team Haney Responds

The news is significant in light of the following. Bill Haney has said he will not allow his son to enter into talks over a fight until justice is done. This would require the Commission to remove Haney’s loss and reinstate the undefeated record. A large part of Haney’s brand was remaining undefeated as it gave him lots of leverage in negotiations. Haney was being marketed as the next Floyd Mayweather before the Garcia loss. 

“Bill Haney tells ESPN he’s not taking part in negotiations for any fight until [Ryan] Garcia’s doping case is adjudicated and Haney’s record is accordingly adjusted,” Mike Coppinger said 

Devin has also teased the possibility of Garcia receiving a two-year ban. Haney has already said he does not want a rematch. He was vocal about how Garcia’s pre-fight antics showed his true character, with suggestions he was using mental health to sell the fight. Haney then stated that he could have lost his life in the ring. He was dropped three times on his way to a majority decision loss. On another day, Haney was lucky not to get knocked out. Devin claimed he was stepping away from boxing for a period of two years, after which he would rematch Garcia. Those comments were likely in jest, but the two-year suggestion hints that Garcia would get a big ban. 


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