Ryan Garcia Offers Haney A ‘Fair Deal’ To Make The Fight

December 25, 2023
2 months
Ryan Garcia Offers Haney A 'Fair Deal' To Make The Fight

Ryan Garcia has revealed that he is offering Devin Haney a just deal in an attempt to make the fight happen.

Talks over the fight started circulating after Garcia reacted to Haney’s win over Regis Prograis to become the new WBC junior welterweight champion. Garcia expressed his desire to secure the fight in 2024. After that, he reached out to Haney, which the latter confirmed.

Since Haney’s attempts to make a fight with Gervonta Davis have failed, Garcia is a viable opponent. He brings in a massive fanbase with the potential to offer huge purses. Garcia’s fight with Davis showed this, as it sold over 1.2 million PPVs, bagging him $30 million. Now, it seems that Garcia is going full speed ahead.

Garcia On Haney

“You guys can trust me. Each time I say something, I’m going to try and do it. The same thing here. You guys wanted this [Haney fight], and now I’m making it happen. I’ve been messaging Devin, and Devin at times has messaged me back. I messaged Eddie [Hearn]. I messaged everybody you could think of that could make this fight happen.

“Look, it’s looking like it. The only thing that could stop it from happening is him [Haney]. That’s it because I’m ready to fight.“I‘m also ready to make the most fair and honorable deal to make the fight happen. So, that’s where I stand. If he doesn’t want that, then that’s the only time it won’t happen, and guess what? It will be exposed,” Garcia said

Those comments come after question marks over Haney’s pulling power. Reports indicate that his fight with Prograis only sold 50,000 PPVs. That number was considerably less than what was expected. Devin and Bill Haney have rejected those numbers. And yet, they have fallen short of revealing the figures themselves. Bill also expanded on the success of the fight since the Chase Center sold out.

Garcia-Haney Issues

That may play a factor in the type of offer that Haney receives. Garcia will be the A-side, as he does generates more. But Haney comes with a world title, which Garcia has failed to acquire in any weight class. The weight could also be an issue when it comes to rehydration. Haney ballooned up to 165 pounds for the Prograis fight, which drew much criticism. But a fight looks likely if those hurdles can be overcome since both boxers have just fought on DAZN.

“Devin, you want this fight. I want this fight. Tank doesn’t want to fight you. I do, point blank, period. So, if you want to fight me and I want to fight you, then there you go. It shouldn’t change anything. That’s the plan. I’m very interested in defeating Devin Haney,” Garcia 

The fight also opens up the possibility of a Davis bout since both fighters are interested in taking it. Devin has been calling out Tank, while Garcia has expressed his desire to avenge the loss he suffered at 135. So, moving forward, there is plenty on the line.

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