Ryan Garcia Mocks Haney’s Power – ‘Can’t Crack An Egg, Pillow Hands Haney’

April 6, 2024
1 month
Ryan Garcia Mocks Haney's Power - 'Can't Crack An Egg, Pillow Hands Haney'

Ryan Garcia has dismissed Devin Haney’s power, saying he can’t crack an egg.

Haney may be a two-weight world champion, but he has yet to have a knockout since stopping Antonio Moran at 135 pounds. Since moving up to 140, Haney has looked a lot stronger. He dropped Regis Prograis in his last fight with his right hand, but he failed to follow up on that to get the stoppage.

Garcia, however, is known for his knockouts. His record stands at 24-1, with 20 knockouts. Following his loss to Gervonta Davis, he moved up to 140 to face Oscar Duarte. He stopped the Mexican in the eighth round, using a left-right combination to get the stoppage. As Garcia faces Haney on April 20 for the right to win his WBC Junior Welterweight Belt, Ryan is not worried about Haney’s power.

Garcia On Haney

“Haney is the least of my worries. If I wasn’t scared to fight Tank, why would I be worried about a guy who can’t crack an egg?” Haney said 

However, Haney has a different tune. During his media workout for the Garcia fight, he clearly saw himself on a different level from Garcia. The Dream felt Garcia could only command the big fights due to his popular following rather than his boxing skills.

However, Garcia is not the same fighter who Tank Davis stopped. He is not fighting at a 136-pound catchweight, nor does he have a ten-pound rehydration clause. He is fighting at 140, and both fighters will be much stronger. That will no doubt aid Garcia’s power, but the question is whether Haney can stay out of harm’s way. In response to the challenge, Haney only saw one winner.

Haney Reacts

“Camp has been amazing. I’m in the zone – always. I’m obviously getting more adjusted to this new weight class – I am getting stronger, my mind is clear, I’m in the best shape physically, and I am just ready to go. Not having to go down the extra five pounds has been a tremendous help for me. I had been at 135 for a long time. At 140, it just feels so different. My performance against Regis Prograis showed that.

“At the end of the day, Ryan Garcia is going to say what he is going to say. No matter what, I am going to do my job to be the very best Devin Haney I can be. Whichever version of Ryan shows up on April 20, I will be ready for him. Ryan Garcia is just another opponent to me. I am in competition with greatness. That is why I train so hard, that is why I stay so disciplined,” Haney stated 

A loss for Garcia keeps his search ongoing for a world title, with suggestions that he cannot cut it at the elite level. However, if Haney were to suffer a loss, it would fuel claims that he is a weight bully. For the Regis Prograis fight, Haney rehydrated to 165 pounds after weighing in at 140. But in Garcia, he is fighting someone who is the same size, if not bigger.


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