Ryan Garcia Calls Himself ‘The Face Of Boxing’

April 5, 2024
2 months
Ryan Garcia Calls Himself 'The Face Of Boxing'

Ryan Garcia says he is the face of boxing, not Devin Haney, as both men prepare for their fight on April 20.

Haney defends his WBC Junior Welterweight Belt, knowing a win makes him a PPV star. The fight has been clouded by major controversy based on Garcia’s actions during the build-up. He has admitted to smoking weed and drinking alcohol, increasing suggestions he is not focused on the fight. His social media activity has also focused heavily on social justice issues, including trafficking, which has been seen as a potential distraction.

The fight is also struggling to sell, with many unsold tickets. Garcia has been on record, stating the prices are too high. Reports indicate the ringside seats are between $5,000-10,000. The PPV prices has also been lowered from $80 to $69.99. That does not help Garcia’s claims to be the face of boxing.

His fight with Gervonta Davis sold over 1.2 million PPVs. There are questions marks over whether that was due to Garcia’s influence or Davis. Garcia has admitted to losing sponsors due to his outspoken nature during the build-up for the Haney fight. However, Garcia was confident in saying he was the bigger name.

Garcia On Haney

“When I fight, it’s great. When he [Haney] fights, it’s MID [low quality]. [And] when he fights, it’s ‘Devin Haney, the boxer.’ When I fight, it’s ‘This is a Ryan Garcia fight. This is a show.’ There’s a different energy. We’re not the same. I’m about to show you when it comes to fight night. I went and started blowing up in the pros, and I went my own way.

“I’m just stepping into my climb, and I feel in my heart I’m the ‘Face of Boxing. I say that because of my upside and how I can have a higher reach. I feel like I’m just that guy now. [And] I touch places that Canelo can’t touch. And I touch places that no fighter can touch. I’m a marketing machine, and I have the will to be the best at everything I do. Will this fight solidify me as a world champion? Yes. Do I need that? Yes. Am I going to do it? Yes,” Garcia said

Garcia’s Problem

But to be the face of boxing, Garcia must secure his first world title. Haney, in contrast, became the youngest undisputed champion of the four-belt era, cleaning up all the belts at 135 pounds. He then moved to 140 pounds to become a two-weight world champion in his first fight. The Dream dominated Regis Prograis, winning every round to pick up the WBC belt. Although Garcia is the bigger commercial draw, he must back it up in the ring. That is the focus moving forward.

“I’ve been boxing my whole life, there’s nothing I’m going to see that I’ve not seen before so it’s not going to be complicated, it’s just I got to execute. You can’t have no mercy on Devin. That’s the problem Lomachenko had. Regis is just not a good fighter, he’s still an amateur in my opinion, you know, the way he fights. He started late, it’s showing that he started late. You’re not that guy, so I would knock him out within three rounds, sleep. It would be very bad for Regis. “Devin’s going to get badly hurt. That’s why there’s not going to be a rematch,” Garcia stated 


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