Ryan Garcia Blasts Haney, Claiming He Got One Of His ‘Friends Beat Up’

March 16, 2024
2 months
Ryan Garcia Blasts Haney, Claiming He Got One Of His 'Friends Beat Up'

Ryan Garcia has been left outraged after suggestions that Devin Haney’s security team beat up one of his friends.

According to reports, Haney’s security allegedly attacked Devon Lee. The following clip shows Lee with blood on his nose and face, as he was reportedly taken to hospital. Lee can be heard saying the following words:

“So they caught me, like right after I was done training because I [had] just finished my workout, so I was exhausted. The good thing is my god is real. So once you get on one of their servants, you are dealing with Jesus now,” Lee

Garcia Reacts

The incident has understandably left those connected with Lee worried. Garcia reacted to the news, stating that Haney was responsible. Ryan has already hit out at the boxer, slamming his recent association with PRIME. He claimed that the drink is allegedly harming people, only to realise then that they had sponsored Haney. Further attacks by Garcia followed as he questioned Haney’s association with Victor Conte.

In 2005, Conte was sent to prison for distributing steroids and money laundering. His former company, Bay Area Laboratory Cooperate [BALCO], was at the centre of scrutiny. Conte was jailed for four months while doing another four months under house arrest. Since then, he has formed ‘Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning’ [SNAC] supplements. He now works with many boxers, one of which is Haney. But given the latest incident with Garcia’s friend, he was left angered.

“Devin Haney got one of my friends beat bad he’s in the hospital right now. That’s not okay. The FBI is watching my live and they’re lowering it on purpose. And I’m not even hating on FBI. Gotta do your job, but why are you lowering it? My views even do nothing. You’re doing it on the purpose. They’re doing it on purpose,” Garcia stated

Haney Responds

Since then, Haney has responded by retweeting Jamel Herring’s tweets. The tweets suggested that perhaps Haney’s Islamic faith might have been mocked. It is the month of Ramadaan, a holy Islamic month during which Muslims fast worldwide for a month. Haney’s following retweets suggest that Lee may have instigated something. While that may have been the case, the posts deny claims that Lee was jumped.

“Gotta respect people and their religion, when they’re trying to pray. Notice in the video he keeps going on about Jesus. Put 2 and 2 together,” Herring stated 

“I was there… he didn’t get jumped,” Herring added 

It is not the first time that Garcia and Haney’s camp have been involved in an altercation. Security had to intervene when the pair met at the Super Bowl Radio Row in Las Vegas. Garcia and Haney faced off as security separated them during an altercation. Bill Haney also got involved, as things could have gotten out of hand.

Garcia: “Your dad is a p**p, and he’s p***ing you. I’m gonna beat you! I’m gonna beat you! P****! You suck! Your dad can’t talk for you, your dad can’t save you.”

Haney: “I beat the s*** out of ‘Tank’. I’ll beat the s*** out of you.”

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