Ryan Garcia Arrested For Felony Vandalism; Career Is On The Line

June 9, 2024
1 week
Ryan Garcia Arrested For Felony Vandalism; Career Is On The Line

Ryan Garcia was reportedly arrested on suspicion of vandalism. 

According to TMZ, the arrest took place on June 8 at Beverly Hills Waldorf Astoria, the place where the supposed vandalism occurred. The following video shows Garcia without his shirt as he is being taken away in handcuffs. It is claimed Garcia damaged the hotel’s property and the hallway. Garcia has a helmet over his head as the police then take him away. The hotel staff also reported that Garcia appeared to be under the influence of something. 

Garcia’s Arrest

Garcia’s attorney has said that Ryan “was taken by the BHPD to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment and, to our knowledge, may be charged with public intoxication.” Garcia has now been released, but it still does not bode well for the fighter.

The news of his arrest came shortly after the police conducted a welfare check on Garcia at his suite at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. TMZ states the authorities arrived after the boxer’s alcohol supply was stopped. It is alleged Garcia was drinking at the hotel, and the police conducted a welfare check. This was after a member of Garcia’s family reached out to do the check. Ryan was later seen walking outside with his brother, Sean Garcia.  

This news is a further blow to Garcia, who is seeking to prove his innocence after failing two VADA tests for Ostarine. Urine samples on April 19 and 20 brought up the substance, casting major question marks over Ryan’s win against Devin Haney. Ostarine is known for allowing fighters to improve stamina and muscle and burn fat. His B sample also popped. While Garcia has submitted a negative hair follicle test to rule out long-term PED usage, he still has further questions to answer.

Garcia’s PEDs Scandal

His two supplements, which tested positive for Ostarine, were unsealed, making it less likely that this would be conclusive evidence for contamination. Garcia must show sealed supplements from the same lot number for the Ostarine. Haney wants the New York State Athletic Commission to disqualify Garcia, giving him the win.

Previous examples have shown boxers get banned. Amir Khan received a two-year ban despite having a smaller amount of Ostarine than Garcia in his system. Khan even had his defense of unintentional usage accepted. Strict liability places Garcia in a tough position. While the WBC will look further into Ostarine contamination, his actions outside the ring are not helping. 

WBC’s Response

 “As it has been widely publicized around the world, the contents of Ryan Garcia’s “A” and “B” sample containers collected on April 19 and April 20, 2024, yielded adverse analytical findings for Ostarine. Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator [“SARM”]. Ostarine and all SARMs are banned substances at all times under the WBC Clean Boxing Program.

“Upon receiving the notification of the Adverse Findings, the WBC immediately started its Results Management Process under the governing WBC CBP’s Testing and Results Management Guidelines. Under that process, the WBC notified Mr. Garcia of the adverse findings and provided him with information about his right to witness the opening of the “B” sample container and to have the contents of the “B” sample container tested. The “B” sample containers’ contents also yielded adverse analytical findings for Ostarine.

“In addition, the WBC’s Result Management Unit’s notification to Mr. Garcia requested available information and documents to assist the Unit’s determination of the circumstances leading or reasonably related to the adverse findings. The WBC Results Management Unit anticipates receiving the requested information toward the end of June. In the meantime, the WBC has continued to investigate the pharmacological characteristics of Ostarine, the details of the tests’ results that led to the adverse findings, and any other explanation that might relate to the adverse findings. The WBC will continue to provide updates on the process it is undertaking as additional information becomes available,” WBC statement


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