Roy Jones Reveals All On Eubank Jr, Bellew Questions Dubois’ Heart

November 15, 2023
5 months

Roy Jones Jr. has opened up on his time with Chris Eubank Jr. while he was his trainer. 

Jones parted ways with Eubank, as the latter got ready to face Liam Smith on September 2nd, 2023. However, during their time together for the first Smith fight, things did not go too well.

Eubank was stopped for the first time in his career, as he suffered a fourth-round stoppage. Thereafter, there were reasons put out to explain the reasons for this.

Smith’s use of an alleged illegal elbow during the combinations was mentioned. However, according to Jones, Eubank’s weight cut at 157 for the Conor Benn fight did take its toll.

Not only was it a career low, but given that the fight was called off due to Benn’s two failed tests for clomiphene, Eubank then jumped straight in with Smith. 

Jones On Eubank

“The weight cut that Eubank went through for Conor Benn was very, very draining for him. I don’t think it was the total weight cut that was the problem, but it was just the last few pounds.

“Because when Chris jumped into the ring with Smith, I thought his legs looked very unstable, so I was a bit worried about it, because of the way he took the last few pounds, to me, it wasn’t very good for him,” Jones

But that was not the only thing that had impacted the performance. Jones admitted that Eubank was not totally on board with Jones’ philosophy.

This may have been due to the fact that Eubank had abandoned his usual come-forward style in favor of boxing and moving. But when it comes to his new trainer, Brian McIntyre, Eubank will have the chance to see a new style. 

Jones On Bomac

“When they start to question you they either don’t believe you, or they’re second guessing what you’re saying, so if you’re second guessing what i’m saying, you should go with someone you believe, so I’m glad he’s gone with BoMac. BoMac is fresh to him and maybe he can develop some faith in BoMac,” Jones 

Bellew On Dubois

Much in the same way, Tony Bellew has criticized Daniel Dubois for the manner of his loss to Oleksandr Usyk. Dubois was stopped in the ninth round after failing to get up from the referee’s count.

However, at one point, Usyk was on the floor in the fifth round only for Dubois’ punch to be declared a low blow. And given that this was the second time that Dubois failed to beat the count, Bellew had a few choice words to say about the matter.

Dubois had equally failed to get up when he was knocked down by Joe Joyce. As such, Bellew had this to say. 

“Have we all forgotten that Daniel Dubois watched the referee count to 10 while on one knee? It’s not the first time he’s done it. It’s not unfair [to label him a quitter] because against Joe Joyce he had a fractured orbital bone and again he watched the referee count to 10 while on one knee and then when the referee gets to 10 he gets straight up. And he’s done it again now,” Bellew

If Dubois does have aspirations of grabbing a world title, then it is clear that the heavyweight will have to dig deeper.

And at a time when the heavyweight division has the belts tied up, the opportunities to fight for the belts are few and far between. After all, Usyk’s failure to secure an undisputed fight with Tyson Fury has shown that. 

However, to Bellew’s credit, Dubois was not the only fighter to be singled out. The former cruiserweight champion made the same accusations against Kell Brook

“People keep asking me why I only say it about Daniel Dubois? Well Kell Brook was a very good friend of mine in the past and we were both under the same platform at Matchroom. We both fought under Sky Sports and I commentated live on his fight against Errol Spence. I went live after that fight and said Kell Brook has just spewed it and it wasn’t his first time,” Bellew said

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