Rodolfo Rubio Shows He Can Do More than Grapple at BKFC Fight Night Mexico

May 27, 2024
2 months

Rodolfo Rubio never quite reached the top of the mixed martial arts mountain. But when he fought at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Mexico Fight Night event, Rubio showed he is capable of more than what his extensive grappling background may indicate. Online boxing news shows Rubio wowed in his debut, utilizing his power to pick up a first-round stoppage against Luis Rey Gallegos.

Gallegos was also making his debut and was more known for his grappling. What seemed to trouble Gallegos the most was Rubio’s speed. Once Gallegos was wobbled the first time, he could never return to steady ground. Rubio dropped Gallegos three times in just 95 seconds.

Following the third knockdown, the referee stopped the onslaught. It was an impressive debut for Rubio. How Rubio will fight against more experienced opponents in future fights will be an interesting challenge for the veteran fighter.

Rubio wasn’t known for having much power in his hands while fighting in MMA. He won 13 of his 19 MMA fights via submission. Rubio was knocked out four times in MMA, while he only picked up five knockouts of his own. Typically, when Rubio’s fights went to a decision, he would have a rough night.

Rubio went 1-8 in MMA when fights reached the scorecard. If his success is going to continue, Rubio will need to become a striker who is capable of landing enough punches to impress the judges.

Fernandez Leans on Experience

Julian Fernandez has plenty of experience fighting in traditional gloved boxing. That made for a long night for Lino Sánchez. Sánchez only had about ten professional flights on his record before stepping into the ring with Fernandez.

Sánchez learned why it is important for fighters to test themselves before stepping in against tougher competition. Fernandez battered Sánchez from the opening bell.

Fernandez peppered Sánchez’s eye with straight shots and combinations. Sánchez could hardly move his head enough to block enough punches to keep himself in the fight. While Sánchez survived to the end of the first round, officials didn’t let it go on any longer.

Sánchez’s eye showed signs of damage, and the ringside doctor halted the match. Fernandez now knows he can handle bare-knuckle fighting just like he does for traditional gloved boxing.

Matos Keeps Up a Heavy Pace

Donny Matos has the pride of many Brazilians who competed in combat sports. But Matos’ life journey has taken him to Mexico, where he trains for BKFC, according to a boxing update today. Matos, like many BKFC fighters, started off as a MMA fighter.

Matos was 26-12 during his MMA career and is working on a degree in physical education. Inside the ring, Matos also showed he has a knack for boxing. Matos won a unanimous decision over Román Córdova in a featherweight bout.

This was Matos’ debut in BKFC. While the fight made the scorecards, Córdova didn’t put up too much of a fight. Córdova hit the canvas twice, thanks to Matos’ aggression. It was an easy decision when the judges submitted their scores for the fight. Two scored the bout 50-43, while another gave Matos a 49-44 decision.

Muay Thai Fighter Shows Skills Translate

Luis Castañeda had the reputation of being one of the best Muay Thai fighters in Mexico. After spending some time in Thailand pursuing the sport, he returned to Mexico, looking to open other avenues for making money.

Castañeda could lean on his extensive striking experience to flummox Rudo Tovar in a middleweight fight. During their fight, Castañeda ended up dropping Tovar twice. While Castañeda couldn’t pick up his first knockout, he did drop Tovar twice to pick up a unanimous decision.

Castañeda could be a dangerous addition to the BKFC roster. While fighting in the wild world of Muay Thai, he picked up 27 knockout victories. With his willingness to exchange punches in the pocket, more wild results should follow.

Giner Makes Quick Work in Debut

Carlos Giner spent an absurd amount of time on the amateur circuit in boxing. Before the Mexican fighter ever took a professional bout, he stepped into the ring 44 times to help get experience. That experience helped guide Giner during his BKFC debut with Juan Álvarez.

Giner took just 32 seconds to put away Álvarez. Álvarez has a much more well-rounded skill set. Alvarez has fought in boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. After this performance against Giner, Álvarez will have to go back to the drawing board to figure out if BKFC is someplace where his skills will translate.

Setting the Table Well

Cesar Vazquez opened up the main card with one result that many boxing news sites like to see. Vazquez kept his foot on the gas from starting his fight with Eduardo Meneses. The fight lasted less than two minutes, and Vazquez put Meneses out of his misery early.

Vazquez has extensive combat sports experience. He finished his Muay Thai record with a 38-8 record and made a 7-4 mark during his time in MMA. Vazquez is motivated to fight because he has a young daughter.

He hopes his overall ability will allow him to move quickly up the rankings in BKFC and maybe get him an opportunity to fight for a championship.

Let’s Call it a Draw

Mario Martinez and Sergio Perez Jimenez both went out and exchanged wild competitions throughout their middleweight fight. Martinez was able to grab the upper hand briefly in the first round. He scored the fight’s only knockdown and appeared headed for a victory.

However, Perez Jimenez never quit coming forward. He put enough pressure on Martinez and landed enough strikes to rally and convince two of the three judges that the fight should end in a draw.

  • Lightweight, Roberto Sinko win by split decision over Beto Saniba, 48-46 Sinko (x), Saniba 48-46
  • Bantamweight, Juan Campos split draw with Jose Lopez, 47-47, 48-46 Campos, 48-46 Lopez
  • Flyweight, Nicolas Diaz win by unanimous decision over Marcelo Antonio Perez, 50-45 (x3)

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By Dean McHugh.